Janelle Monáe Tips On Letterman’s ‘Tightrope’

There is a time in an artist's career when they go from being super to superstar, and after seeing Janelle Monáe on last night's episode of the Late Show with David Letterman, let's just say that she transformed before our very eyes. For that to have been her network television debut, she worked the stage and the audience like a seasoned veteran. Performing her smash hit "Tightrope," she channeled the spirit of James Brown and got on the good foot, sliding across the stage, doing her funky dance moves and singing her little heart out in her signature lady tux. This was a joy to watch. I'm already looking forward to her next television appearance. After last night, I'm sure the bookings are pouring in.

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23 Responses

  1. Sometimes you get one shot to blow......Janelle took her shot and she is about to blowup like a BP oil rig!

  2. OMG this song is even better live. GO Janelle!

  3. Wow she gave me goosebumps. I think that performance shut up all the haters who think shes too alternative to make it mainstream.

  4. Awe-inspiring! I watched this I was in a complete state of amazement. Janelle Monae is on her way to being on the MJ & Stevie level if she keeps this up for an extended amount of years. Her album is RIDICULOUS.

  5. MAKE. THIS. WOMAN. A. STAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    She is the future.

  6. Magnificent performance!

  7. i wonder what it is she smokes...

  8. WOW A SUPER NOVA STAR IS BORN! Thanks for sharing! MY GOD

  9. Am I the only one who thinks this, this here fad too shall pass in time? Ain't no way this rubbish will hold water in the annals of soull history. Anyone who needs to don such whacky costumes to get our attention is hiding something. Good God have you seen Angela Johnson who tracks back in time without looking like a circus freak. Snooze... & NEXT!!!!!

  10. James Brown? Really? Please go to the corner and put on a dunce cap for that. She did well, glad she's getting her well deserved shine.

  11. Janelle killed it! Who knew JB's spirit would live on through a sista? She's given me no choice but to pay her some attention!

  12. George Clinton. Bootsy. Earth Wind and Fire. All soul-less fools in costume? Prince is pretty flamboyant, shall we throw shade his way, too? Hmm, weak argument. NEXT.

  13. Yep heyhey,
    A pretty weak argument. And I like Angela Johnson too.

  14. She's a star!!
    and I think Janelle and Angela Johnson both shine in their own different ways. You just can't compare...

  15. JUST PHENOMENAL....the ENERGY of her and this SONG!! WOW!

  16. That ending was on point. She was great vocally. Now how, after all that, Dave gon ask where is Diddy? Crazy. It is still utter weirdness to me she is on Bad Boy.

  17. Wow. Ms Monae & her friends did their thang thang up there! Phenominal!!!

  18. Actually, Miss Monae appeared on the CW show "One Tree Hill" early this (past) season. And I think she was also on Diddy's show "I Want to Work for Diddy" the first season as the artist his "want-to-be-assistants" were organizing a show for. She was great then, and this performance was great too!

  19. She has very good vocal control. Looking for her to go higher. Good job, pretty little lady.

  20. Janelle Monae never ceases to amaze me! She did an excellent job on her first network apperance! Makes me love her even more! She's the future of music!

  21. this girl can SANG!!!

  22. She's amazing. Period. Hating on her would be a waste of time & energy. Her album is the truth and inspiring on every level. Love her vibe and authenticity. This girl is bringing a fresh fresh breath of aid to this dead music industry. Great job Janelle!!