Janet Jackson Serves It Up On ‘American Idol’

I weaned myself off of American Idol early this season once I saw the shallow talent pool that made it into the top 12. So even though last night's episode was also Simon Cowell's last, I refused to watch the over-the-top, under-talented finale. Come to find that while I was leading my own personal boycott, none other than Janet Jackson appeared on stage to show these lames how its done. The segment started out with the finalists warbling their way through Janet's "Again," then a familiar voice took over as she emerged from the shadows in a dramatic gown and with her oh-so-chic new short haircut. Taking center stage, she segued into her latest release, "Nothing," from Why Did I Get Married, Too?, and although it's not my favorite song of hers, Janet looked and sounded amazing. Her beauty--and booty!--was mesmerizing. Once "Nothing" ended, her performance thankfully continued with the familiar shout "Gimme a beat!" cueing us all into what was coming next. The stage filled with male dancers while Janet slipped behind a screen to remove her dress only to emerge in a traffic and heart-stopping catsuit. My Lawd. Miss Jackson broke out into her hit "Nasty" and didn't miss a beat with the choreography. At 44, Janet has still got it. Now that's an American Idol.

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  1. Janet looked great, moved well, but did she sound amazing?

  2. I thought Janet looked great, moved great, and sound amazing.

  3. @J.. Yes she sounded amazing... 😉

  4. Yea she looked BANGING but she isn't the performer she once was.

  5. Lawd have mercy!! I've been in love with Janet since I believe I hit puberty... LOL. And I'm watching this and hating the fact that Jermaine Dupri was actually with her.... damn you Jermaine Dupri!!!
    But, she did sound good...and moved great.... fa sho was lookin' scrumdilicious!! 🙂

  6. Hey, I saw Janet last night too! She killed it! She looked regal with her natural hair and the catsuit was bangin' . I'm ready to get back in the gym now!

  7. Simply amazing!!! Janet not being known as vocalist, showed that with poise, verbrato, control, and staying in key you do not have to be shouting or have a loud voice to be a great singer.
    Now that booty, OMG that BOOTY stole the show. I didn't know anyone else was on stage after that.

  8. janet did the damn thang! The vocals are as they have always been soft and pretty..she gets the point across, and the world agrees...SHE IS BACK..not that she really went anywhere...she just let the kids get they're shine on since she does have 30+ YEARS IN THE GAME...#ILIVE!

  9. Ms. Jackson killed the competition last night, fo-sho!!! She looked great, sounded really good and had amazing stage presence. I loved that she didn't rely on the synchronized choreography but simply let that sexy strut and sneer do the work. Overall, it was a great night for her!

  10. Sounded, performed, and looked stunning. And Janet shows all you doubters how she does it & isn't going anywhere. Dig.-QH

  11. Last night was clearly a winner for Ms. Jackson. Her live voice was clear, her look was right and she OWNED that stage.
    I am so glad I will be seeing her in New Orleans soon...

  12. Lol @ her voice sounding crisp. I'm the biggest Janet fan but yall do know that was a vocal track doing the singing right?
    Regardless, it made the performance and her sexy moves that much sweeter! Love you Janet!

  13. @Lookadeez...Clearly, anyone with ears could hear her breaths and clear ad-libs when she performed Nothing. Of course there was the backing track for the chorus, duh...but her lead vocals were completely live. She may have sing along to Nasty but that's understandable. I really just hate it when people like you absolutely refuse to believe this chick sometimes sings live, in spite of clear evidence to support that she does. And then you have the "nerve" to say you're her biggest fan. Right!

  14. Since I don't watch AI, I missed this. She looked and sounded great. We know JJ is not the best vocalist, but when she stays in her lane (as she did in the clip), she's great. I'm glad for her. i hope this signals a resurgence in her musical career.

  15. last night made me so proud to be a janet fan because she worked that stage like only a legend can do.people like janet can't be created by a show like american idol.only god can create a talent like that.gret job janet!!!

  16. Man, now this is the Janet I remember. I will always and forever be a Janet fan but this performance here really brings back memories.


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