Kanye West Does A ‘Good Ass Job’ On ‘Power’

Go hard, or go home. That was clearly Kanye West's mantra when he stepped into the booth to record the song "Power," the first single from his upcoming fifth album, Good Ass Job. Produced by S1 aka Symbolyc One, best known for being one-third of the group Strange Fruit Project, and featuring Dwele on vocals, this is the Kanye record that we've been waiting for. After getting all emo on 808s & Heartbreak and arguably losing his way (mind?) over the past couple years, he kicks in the door lyrically waving the 4-4 on "Power." His bars are filled with both social commentary and personal anecdotes delivered with cockiness and a snarl. Hit play below to nod your head to Mr. West's latest banger, which you'll be able to pick up on iTunes on June 8th, and let us know if you're feeling it or not in the comments.

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9 Responses

  1. FIYA!! I knew he would come back hard!

  2. I like it. Definitely not on the soapy stuff 808s was. Good to know it has a Graduation type feel to it.

  3. Finally, back to the Yeezy i know and love, with lyrics and a killer beat. Maybe he was acting out because of his mothers death. WHo knows, anywho, i hope the rest of the cd is this good, something i can turn up in the ride while i am job hunting that will keep me inspired

  4. This is going hard??? well he might as well go home because this joint is garbage, even compared to that turd of an album 808. If and when Kanye decides to go back to his original formula then I might scoop up his new joint when it drops, if the next couple of leaks are of this variety and quality, I can say with 100% certainty. I will not buy his new joint.

  5. I love all his work. This ones good, but I'm waitin on something a little harder- or softer, can't tell which, but different. He never flat out sucks, but this one ain't liftin me out of my musical dispair. Tall order, but if anyone can do it, Yeezy can.
    Cmon Ye!

  6. Kanye is back in prime condition. This is what hip hop needs!!!

  7. The beat is hot - that's it. Don't know why people think he's a genius- he's far from it. He's just another self-absorbed brainwashed puppet for the industry..

  8. This song, I think, is pretty dope. One thing I like about Yeezee is his ambition with playing on the lines outside of the box. The lines being defined as Urban Culture. The box being defined as Pop music.

  9. this track wasn't that bad. I still say Kanye still got it.