Morning Soul: Cause It’s 187 On A Undercover Cop

5 Responses

  1. Jesse L. Martin should play Marvin Gaye...i'm jus sayin'

  2. I am not pleased with Terrence Howard playing Marvin Gaye. I wanna know what happened to the Marvin Gaye biopic with Jesse L. Martin as Marvin? That was a perfect role for him.
    And you know I'm not going to let Terrence slide by without mentioning the Nelson Mandela role. Terrence as Nelson? Who the f*ck cast him? Better yet, what were they smokin' when they cast him? Nobody wants to hear Nelson's voice spoken in a bad Memphis accent. "Yo Winnie, they got a brotha stuck in jail, mayne!

  3. I actually saw Iron Man 2 instead of Just regrets there

  4. I think terrence do better playing smokey robinson, how about leon......btw snoop look young in that video

  5. laffing at soulrific!
    Terence is too fat to play marvin. hes gonna hafta lay off the fried ham and cheese sammiches with xtra butter ro get that role


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