Reflection Eternal & Estelle Bring It In The ‘Midnight Hour’

Reflection Eternal rides the retro-futuristic wave in their new video for the track "Midnight Hour." The video is pretty simple yet visually fly. Talib Kweli looks all types of handsome in his slim Civil Rights suit and Hi-Tek holds it down rather nicely, as well. I'm kinda over Estelle and would have enjoyed this song more with another vocalist who can really blow singing her parts. That said, she does at least look cute here while letting her natural dark and lovely shine.

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3 Responses

  1. Jaz Sullivan would have killed it.

  2. Jazz would have been better but I would have liked Raphael Saadiq to produce this joint, I think it could have been a tad more soulful. I wouldnt ride to this joint, which says alot since I rides with Talib 99% of the time

  3. I like it...i like with Estelle as well. Interesting you mentioned Raphael Saadiq Stoney b/c I felt like this video was very similar to his videos last year.