Ron G Makes Us ‘Feel’ Something Special

Back when this photo was taken, I more likely than not was glued to my tape deck making pause tapes of DJ Red Alert on Friday nights on KISS-FM in New York City. I don't mean to make this post all about me, but Lord knows that if I got my hands on a Ron G (here is a recent picture of the "Youngest In Charge") mixtape either borrowed or bought, that meant that I was good for at least the next week following my acquisition. That's why I jumped at the chance to download this classic Ron G mix of Stephanie Mills' "Something In The Way You Make Me Feel" with James Brown's "Funky President." God bless whoever uploaded this and big up to The Polo Grounds. [H/T: UK]

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4 Responses

  1. This dude is one of the reasons I got into DJing... mainly the blendtapes... pure classic material!!

  2. Man O' Man! That track takes me back. Track suits, "$54.11's", a tight slicked back pony-tail w/a monogrammed rhinestone encrusted barrette. Whew! Growing up in NYC-priceless! Thanks for the track.

  3. If you looking for classic Ron G mixtapes here is a link for free classicmixtapes. You can thank me later.

  4. Classic. I remember hearing this in Norfolk Virginia at NSU. I dug Ron G. He and Tony Toca used to stay in my ride......... Ill Mami, You were certinally fly in this photo. Stay Fly & Bouncing !