SoulBounce Presents: The Bounce Featuring Darien

If you've been following SoulBounce for any length of time, then the name Darien should be very familiar to you. We deemed him Bounce-Worthy way back in 2008, and his star has done nothing but rise since that time. We've seen him release his debut album, If These Walls Could Talk, pay tribute to Mary J. Blige on our Men Love Mary compilation and now he's the first person to be interviewed for the inaugural edition of The Bounce. We couldn't be happier to have such a talented artist with loads of personality to kick it off. Congratulations are also in order for Darien who was chosen from a field of 20 strong contenders to attend the Soul Beach Music Festival in Aruba. Garnering a healthy majority of the vote, his victory was quite a landslide and come this Memorial Day weekend he'll be sunning, funning and opening for Blige and Toni Braxton. While I devise a plan to fit into his suitcase, check out Darien performing and chatting it up with me on the first episode of The Bounce right here.

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5 Responses

  1. Y'all know how I love me some Darien! Niceness! 🙂

  2. I loved Darien's sound from the first time I heard "The Road" on 25 Strong. Detrel and I (ONUTSS founders) had the opportunity to finally work with him after his long awaited release of "If These Walls Could Talk. Now that he's won the Soul Beach competition, it makes me really proud and even more happy that I will be there to witness the masses' reaction to a fine brother who sings his face off!! Kudos, Darien!!

  3. My stupid computer! I did not mean to post that three times. Sorry bout that.

  4. D, Congrats on the Bounce promo and the win to Aruba! Contuned success ALWAYS!!!

  5. Congrats Darien, I'm very proud of you. This is your year! Continue to Praise Jah, you have been blessed with a gift! Now Aruba, and everyone watching can see why it was well deserved. One Love, Melissa