The Roots To Get ‘Over’ This June

After numerous delays and push backs, it looks as if Def Jam will finally release The Roots' new album, How I Got Over, on June 22nd--yes, as in next month. It's hard to believe that the Legendary Roots Crew's 11th album is due in stores in a matter of weeks and we've yet to hear a second single, but I gave up on Def Scam Jam doing anything remotely close to right by these dudes a long time ago. With that said, it's up to fans of real hip hop to support this album when it drops. Word on the Okayplayer streets is that we'll be hearing new tunes from the band very soon to get us ready for the release and some guests on the new set include Truck North, Peedi Crakk and SB fam Phonte. I don't know about y'all, but I can't wait to hear what Black Thought, ?uestlove and company bring on their 11th time around.

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3 Responses

  1. i literally screamed when i saw this. i'm so excited!! . i feel like it was just a few weeks ago i was saying how i can't wait until i hear new material from them.....

  2. They haven't put out a good album since the Tipping Point. It might be time for them to stop making Roots album.

  3. 1st Hand, No good album since TIpping Point?!
    Are you serious??
    Game Theory and Rising Down were dope. But to each their own...
    Looking forward to this new release