Will Michael Lynche Be The Next Ruben Studdard On ‘Idol’?

I can be honest and say that I have watched barely three episodes of this season's American Idol. While the show irritated me early on in its newness when the race came down to Tamyra Gray and Kelly Clarkson and Tamyra was sent home (WTH??), it took me a while to recover and come back to the show that had the three greatest voices the show had ever seen--Jennifer Hudson, Latoya London and Fantasia--and although Fantasia eventually emerged victorious, folks had the nerve to vote JHud and Latoya off early. I was pretty much done then. But, I did check the show out off and on over the years and my interest was piqued last night by the singer Michael Lynche who got incredible reviews from the four judges after his rendition of the classic "The Way You Look Tonight" as the contestants tried their hand at Frank Sinatra.

After the bounce

Big Mike was the contestant the judges used their "save"--where a
contestant who is voted off can be "saved" by the judges and not be sent
home--on a few
episodes back. My guess is that he is being primed as the next big winner of the
show. The contestant the judges saved last season wound up winning even
though I can't remember his name and his talent and presence was
embarassingly low par when compared to the outrageously flamboyant and
vocally better runner-up Adam Lambert. But, will a win on
American Idol
be a good thing for Lynche who is already garnering pretty
good reviews as a singer and sure to be snatched up by a label once his
gig on Idol is over?

Looking at past "winners" on the show, has
winning the top spot helped their career or hurt it more? Perhaps it
depends on what genre of music one chooses to stick to. In the video
below, Big Mike is doing some serious business on Maxwell's
"This Woman's Work." But, past soul singers from the show--thinking of Ruben
, Fantasia and even the celebrated Jennifer Hudson--haven't
sold as many records as the more commercially successful
country singer Carrie Underwood and pop stars Clay Aiken
and Kelly Clarkson (who, ironically, performed mostly soul and R&B
songs on Idol that led to her being the first winner on the show.)

you've been following the show this season, what type of music has Big
Mike performed authentically and well enough to pursue it for the long

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11 Responses

  1. I'm rooting for Michael, but I doubt he'll win. He hasn't been much of a frontrunner this season. Vocally he's the best, in my opinion, but the judges and America are totally in love with Crystal (still can't believe she put her messy-lookin' dreads in an updo last night, lol. I also don't get her general appeal) and Lee (he performed after Michael last night and the judges declared that his performance was the best of the night...a statement that is VERY debatable in my view).
    Michael's lane seems to be R&B. He also performs with a swagger that Ruben lacks. The way the music industry is now, I doubt talent like Big Mike's will be appreciated by the masses....unfortunately.

  2. Actually Chris Allen didn't get saved last season, it was Matt Giraud and as we all know he didn't win. I like Mike more than I did earlier in the season, but I still think he is overrated.

  3. kelly clarkson is the shit

  4. either way he will probably end up lik ethe real rueben broke and labeless
    P.S. I love Kelly Clarksen

  5. My biggest problem with IDOL---all these decent-to-great voices, but no one around to mold and shape them to be better. Because of that, even when they do win, they wind up losing anyway in the end. You have everybody wanting to be the next MJ or the next Labelle, or the next Hathaway, or the next so-and-so or whats-his-name, but no Quincy Jones, Norman Whitfield, Arif Mardin, or Gamble & Huff around to build them. All you have is a bunch of hacks who think that making a HOT BEAT makes you a Producer...and most of the Idol contestants (winners & losers) left running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
    It all adds up to a complete waste of promising young talent. I feel sorry for all of them.

  6. jennifer hudson only has one album, fantasia has 2. one that got little to no promotion. Take out album sales. and jennifer's stats SLAY everyone who came from the show.. She'll get the album sales eventually.. Fantasia will be fiine as well

  7. 'LEA' needs to get the facts. Kelly Clarkson has sold more singles and Carrie Underwood has sold more cds.
    The Black A.I. artist sales did not make the top sales AT ALL. All 3 are at the very bottom.

  8. i think this show is so lame right now but i have seen big mike and have to say i am not impressed.....i think crystal bowersox is far miore impressive and much more deserving of winning the show...and whatever that sales list may say we all know that jhud will be around long after most of those former contestants are long forgotten

  9. did you not read my post genius, I clearly stated that slow folks I tell ya. Take out album sales. And Jennifer is still a bigger star. When they both win oscar's before the age of 30 like jennifer did holla at me. Until then shut up lol

  10. Big Mike is a competent singer - with the right material he has brought tears to my eyes: Maxwell's joint, Frank Sinatra's & The Rolling Stone's; however anyone who has tried to follow this show over the years as well as the climate of the music industry nowadays knows that although being heavily pimped he will not win. This isn't a bad thing because like I said his voice is beautiful at times and with the right material I'm sure he'll find an audience. Given AI's shady tactics, I expect him to get a surprise boot either this week or next and the final 2 will be Lee Dewyse & Crystal Bowersox.
    **Off topic for those who followed this season from the beginning - that talented sistah, Angela Burton who'd tried out for AI 3x & got cut shoulda been on this season. They don't intend for another Black woman to win this show...