Battle Of The Mesmerizing Magazine Covers: Badu Vs. Prince

I know that the statistics say that print publications are dying a slow death, but I will surely be coughing up good money this month to purchase physical copies of the newest issues of VIBE and Ebony magazines with Erykah Badu and Prince on their respective covers. Both Badu and his Royal Badness are beautiful beyond measure, but don't make the mistake like I did of staring into their eyes lest you get caught up in their rapture. I literally stared at Prince's Ebony cover with his "do you know the things I will do to you" smirk on his face for so long earlier today that I swear that he winked at me. My hallucination aside, although Erykah is giving great face on VIBE, I give the edge to Prince for having the more mesmerizing cover. But that's just me. Hit the bounce to see larger versions of both covers and to place your vote on the cover that gives you the most fever. SoulBounce is not responsible for any spells that you may fall under.

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9 Responses

  1. Best androgynous look on an magazine cover goes to Prince hands down. That photo is manipulated within 2 cenimeters of it's life. I'm just saying.

  2. I love both which shows the range of beauty amongst African Americans.

  3. After being checked by the Freckled One, I decided to have another look at the magazine covers.
    I stared at Badu for approximately 2 minutes & I did not not anything that I hadn't before but I did have the sudden urger to crochet a two piece set for myself.
    I gave Prince the same 2 minute stare & did notice a wink as I started to move my eye off the screen. Then all of the sudden my nipples started to heat.
    Not sure what that was all about but be warned.

  4. They both look bomb, but looking at Prince's somehow feels like a warning. Like "the end of days are near..." or "oh sh*t, they bout to start throwin bombs, ya'll!".
    And I've always loved Erykah's eyes. They do have a mesmerizing quality about them.

  5. Um which is which? is prince on the left or the right? LMAO. The word for today kids, is ANDROGYNOUS......................

  6. I would have voted for Erykah Badu, but Niki Ninaj being Hip Hop's superwomen coming to the rescue totally threw me off. Prince it is.

  7. Prince wins hands down. Nevertheless, Erykah is amazing too:)

  8. OMG Prince has purple tinted lip gloss on!!! LOL Yes, Androgyny is the order of the day
    Prince's pic looks mesmerizing...He wins

  9. Gawd, I love them both! Who can decide???