Chris Brown’s BET Awards Michael Jackson Tribute: Genuine Or GTFOH?

The talk of last night's BET Awards wasn't the highly-anticipated Prince tribute, El DeBarge's surprise return to the stage, or even the fact that the ceremony was honestly one of BET's best to date. No, the moment in the show that has everyone talking--and choosing sides--was Chris Brown's Michael Jackson tribute used to mark the one-year anniversary of the King of Pop's untimely death. Before Brown took the stage, his performance was introduced by Jermaine Jackson as the one we've all been waiting for. Really? I beg to differ.

The tribute started out with Chris Brown dressed like MJ from the video for "The Way You Make Me Feel," mimicking his iconic dance moves and lip-syncing his way through the song before a quick segue into "Remember the Time" and more dancing. The flyest part of this segment came next and actually had nothing to do with Brown when the houselights went down and a group of dancers in lighted outfits danced to "Smooth Criminal." Chris returned to the stage in a sequined jacket to dance to "Billie Jean." The houselights dimmed once again to the tune of Mike's "Man In the Mirror" with scenes of people undergoing hardships flashing across the screen. Chris returned to the stage with a mic in hand and before he could even bring it near to his lips to sing, he started to get emotional, which led into a full-blown breakdown while attempting to sing. See for yourself until BET & Viacom snatch this off the net.

Proclamations that "Chris Brown is back!" and about how awesome the
tribute was have abounded. However, there's a segment of the population, myself included, who thinks that the performance was far from
all that and that it was all a calculated PR stunt to get him back in people's good graces. Chris Brown needed to nail this Jackson tribute, and it just didn't happen. Sure, Breezy is a good dancer, but so are Usher, Omarion and Ginuwine, who could have all done equally as fantastic dance tributes, since that's really all that this was. A true professional knows how to overcome his or her emotions and sing through the pain. How are you going to do a proper tribute to Michael Jackson and barely sing a lick? C'mon, son. Furthermore, once everything was over and done with, it was almost as if this was more about Chris Brown than it was about Michael Jackson.   

After 2009's domestic violence incident with Rihanna, CB has had a hard road to travel. But it's a road that he paved, so that's on him. We're all for second chances, see the aforementioned El DeBarge, but such chances are earned not just given out all willy nilly. And Chris Brown is quite simply not there yet. He needs to spend some more time with the man in the mirror, indeed.  

But this is just my opinion, I want to know what you think, SoulBouncers. Was Chris Brown's Michael Jackson the genuine article or a GTFOH moment?

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  1. While Usher, Omarion and Ginuwine can all dance. You have to be fooling yourself if you think they can dance as well as Chris Brown. He may not be the brightest of people, but the boy can dance.
    I think he got emotional and then milked it all he could.

  2. I liked the dancing and all but he should've controlled his emotions during the performance and sang more. I could see him breaking down when the performance was over or even tearing up a little bit, but completely breaking down during the performance was not the bizness. Sorry but I wasn't all that impressed.

  3. SB is right, none of them can cut it up like that boy ... y'all are crazy. I'm not even gonna say anything else about this or the other CB posts on this site. I'll just say I enjoyed the performance and that I think people need to get off the kid's back already. It's just getting ridiculous now ...

  4. I thing it was a 15% about Michael Jackson. BET knew that getting Chris Brown to honor MJ would get people talking about their show, and Chris Brown knew this was his opportunity to come back into the spotlight after his last cd tanked. I think his crying was part the lyrics getting to him and part really wanting to be part of the "in crowd" in entertainment again. Its obvious to see from how he has conducted himself this past year that Chris Brown is very young mentally and that he definitely needs some help, but being in the spotlight is not going to allow him to seek that kind of help. I just hope he has people who have his interests at heart and not just the almighty dollar. Its wrong that he abused Rihanna, but I really feel sad for him and his mindstate.

  5. Chris Brown is a fraud. I think that breakdown was disingenuous. I've been fussing at folks on FB all day about it.
    Honestly, I could care less about his performance. If that was all it was, I wouldn't be making this post. What has pissed me off is people actually saying that through this obviously staged performance that he redeemed himself. Uh ruh, hell to the NO. He has a sickness that will not be cured by fake tears and the fact that he thinks they are appropriate is an indication that the likkle bwoy has a long way to go...
    Iif CBreezy was committed to healing and getting help, there is nothing that anyone could say -lawyers, agents, execs, etc. that would be able to convince him to pull a stunt like that. Or make a youtube video or tweet asking folks to buy his music. If he was really committed to healing, he might say "I'm going to continue to work BUT I don't expect people to buy, watch, or listen. If they do that's great BUT if they don't I understand because I did something very wrong and some folks may never forgive me for that and I understand." Or something like that. He would not mock the severity of the situation with fake emotions...

  6. His 'issues' aside, I can truly understand the cynacism regarding the latter part of his performance; however, I was backstage (and other places) and I saw the before, during and after. Without getting into details, it was definitely GENUINE. I hope someone else that was there can co-sign.

  7. @ Um:
    I think the irritation you feel from us especially with Chris Brown has to do with the fact that all of the people who are writing now for this site are Black women who just simply don't feel the need to give him a pass. It's just our opinion on the matter.

  8. I think we all should let Chris Brown be. I do not agree at all with what happened with Rihanna, and he deserved what he got, even down to being blackballed for a time. But, when is enough enough? The 3 people you mentioned cannot hold a candle to Chris when it comes to dancing...period. It doesn't have to be your favorite performance (it wasn't mine), but when do WE learn to move on? Look at the performance for what it is and judge off that? Alot is put on this young man to grow up & mature, but it seems that the community who asks that of him won't allow him to. His transgressions should not be forgotten, but for a community that loves them some Marvin Gaye and James Brown, maybe we should let that young man be. Maybe.

  9. @Um - I will get off his back when I feel in my heart and spirit that he will NEVER batter a woman again.
    Rhianna will deal with the consequences of being a VICTIM of domestic violence for the rest of her life.
    Battering is the single major cause of injury to women, more significant that auto accidents, rapes, or muggings.
    While the primary and immediate focus for many people is the physical injury suffered by victims, the emotional and psychological abuse inflicted by batterers likely has longer term impacts and may be more costly to treat in the short-run than physical injury.
    In addition, battered women are at greater risk for suicide attempts, with 25% of suicide attempts by Caucasian women and 50% of suicide attempts by African American women preceded by abuse.
    Along with depression, domestic violence victims may also experience Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is characterized by symptoms such as flashbacks, intrusive imagery, nightmares, anxiety, emotional numbing, insomnia, hyper-vigilance, and avoidance of traumatic triggers.
    It is my hope that my being "hard" on Chris Brown that he is motivated to REALLY change his ways. Crying on television is unprofessional AND it was staged. And it damn sure does not indicate that he is working on his issues... I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HIM. I feel sorry for all the women -dealing with DV- who watched and felt even more hopeless!

  10. I think if the tables were turned and Rhianna beat the shit outta Chris Brown, he'd STILL be crucified because he got his ass beat by a woman and he "probably deserved it". And Rhianna would be proclaimed as this "heroine" who's "representin' fo' da sistas".
    El DeBarge just got out of prison for drugs and everyone was swingin on his nuts during his performance. Granted he didn't beat anyone's ass but his own, but they forgave him. Hell the new album is called "Second Chance", which will hopefully do WAY better than Sade's crappy confusing reunion album.
    If black women can forgive a 45-year-old singer for pissing on teenagers and was caught doing it ON CAMERA, why can't they forgive Chris Brown?

  11. @Joaquino - I don't forgive R-Kelly either - he won't even admit that he has done anything wrong. But when we do not hold these men accountable for their action, they affect an attitude of being the victim. It saddens and ANGERS me at how quickly we want to give these men a pass. I wonder if Rhianna was your daughter, would you be so quick to forgive and tell folks to give her abuser a break.
    And to answer your question - VIOLENCE IS VIOLENCE. I absolutely would not condone it if the tables were turned. And like I told a male friend who was being hit by his girlfriend - call the cops because she has issues. Prisons are full of women -who killed their men AND NOT IN SELF DEFENSE because they are crazy as hell. I DO NOT SUPPORT DOUBLE STANDARDS!

  12. You're one of very few people then...

  13. Why does it matter that black women are running Soulbounce and, thus, CB can't get a pass? Are you trying to say that men have been giving him passes all along? Because I'm sure if you talk to some folks of a male persuasion, you probably wouldn't come to that conclusion. A better question is why SB is dedicating so much ink on CB, when Deniece Williams, Prince, Patti, Janelle and others took the stage as well.
    Anyhoo, this has been touched on already today, but the fact that El DeBarge is now everyone's BFF despite having a RECENT bout with domestic violence (though not nearly as publicized), on top of the fact that this man has kids all over the place (go back to the VIBE interview on the whole family) still does not sit well with me. Aside from the drug issues, since most beloved artists have had varying degrees of struggle with them, it is troubling to see that people are willing to forget El's long, long list of demons that honestly run a lot deeper than CB's. If CB needs some time with a mirror, then El needs some time with the kind of mirrors you see in dressing rooms.
    Like I said in the previous post, really the only thing separating CB from El (as well as James Brown, Rick James, Ike Turner and the lot) is the access we have to CB and the amount of coverage this incident has gotten -- and still gets.
    I'll ask the question someone else asked: How much time does he need? It's been a year and a half. Rihanna (and her PR team) wasted no time getting the ball rolling again -- and it paid off for her. I agree that some time out of the spotlight would have worked wonders for CB (as it did with Kanye just now). But let's say CB decided to come back in 2011, or even 2012? I'm sure you'd still be saying "he's not ready yet.

  14. I think Chris Brown should quit performing his own crap and front a Michael Jackson tribute band, he does that well. I'll never forgive him for the money I lost on that last album. And another thing, I'm not going forgive Trey Songz for doing that to Prince. It looked like Prince wanted to get up there and hit him across the back with his chair.

  15. I'm agree with MaiTai. I think it was genuine, although not completely about MJ. Truth of the matter is he is a manchild who still hasn't come into his own emotionally. Doesn't make anything that he did concerning Rhianna okay, but at some point, we have to give him a break. He did what the courts required him to do and wants to get his life back on track. We should let him.

  16. El DeBarge just got out of prison for drugs and everyone was swingin on his nuts during his performance. Granted he didn't beat anyone's ass but his own, but they forgave him.
    This is another double standard that bothers me, because I can gar-ron-tee Lil Wayne will NOT be welcome with open arms among this crowd when he's fresh out the pen for BET Awards 2011.

  17. I actually disagree with ill Mami. This has nothing to do with the gender of the current staff of SoulBounce. We've always taken the hard line with this Chris Brown/Rihanna situation when a man was in charge and also when men were a part of the team.
    @ blahblah...Clearly you haven't familiarized yourself with our Commenting Code. There will be none of that. Your comment has been deleted as will anyone else's who chooses to go there.
    @Silawn...Thanks for the insight as someone who was there. I wonder if anyone got those backstage moments on camera.
    At the end the day, I wasn't impressed with Chris Brown's "So You Think You Can Dance Like Michael Jackson" performance. #kanyeshrug

  18. @casual observer - I believe people in general have been quick to give CB a pass OR say "get off his back" or whatever -and honestly I hear it from the women more -perhaps because women are more willing to make this kind of comment -I don't know.
    Its not about the amount of time, it is about the amount of healing. That process will take longer for some than it does for others. I just know it is does not seem like CB is there yer.
    As for all the other male artist that you mentioned, none of them get a pass from me OR women/men who think and feel the way I do. I'm racking my brain now trying to think of men who have done bad things, seemingly worked through their issues, and then reappeared in public. I can't think of any at the moment BUT when I do I will post examples... I can provide example of women who have lashed out violently who I have not given passes to -Naomi Campbell and Foxxy Brown - I still have a nasty taste in my mouth about them and their violent behavior. They both needed help and since we haven't heard much from either one, I'm not sure if they got it. BUT I hope they are using this time out of the spotlight to excise their inner demons.
    As for Rhianna's PR team, its not fair to compare her response to his response. He was the perpetrator of violence and she was the victim. So its like apples and oranges. They should both get to live their life AND for differing reasons they BOTH need to be getting some counseling.
    @blahblah - really that is the best you can do is tell folks to "shut the f#ck up"... Obviously, someone else who needs to learn how to use their words. We are engaging in a respectful discourse here. We can all agree to disagree BUT swearing at other posters is just uncouth...

  19. I've been very upset with Chris Brown over the last year for acting like we owe him something. I mean he was really acting crazy & immature about the situation & his public apology was wack.....(THAT was obviously staged & insincere). However with this performance, for the 1st time I feel like he was genuinely sorry about what he did & he showed it.
    I just posted this comment on a site called THOSEGIRLSAREWILD:
    "yea, I loved it. You know, he was amazing throughout the performance but I felt like the best part of the tribute was that Man In The Mirror part. I really felt the energy. It was like you could feel Michael's presence or something. He was supposed to sing but he just couldnt because he was so emotional. It was really genuine. I think he broke down like that because he was thinking "I can't believe he's gone" & because he's been fighting to get back in the game and to get back in people's good graces after being outcast. That performance was legendary in my book."
    Then I came on here to see what people are saying. I love Soulbounce but ya'll are trippin'. Come on. Can you be any more cynical? I mean DAMN. First of all, he definitely wasn't lip-syncing his way through "The Way You Make Me Feel." My only beef with that part of the performance was the fact that HE was singing it instead of Michael. Obviously Chris is an incredible dancer but he can't hold a candle to Michael vocally (no shit, right). But outside of that he was amazing. Chris killed it. And like I said, that Man In The Mirror segment was beautiful. If you really think that that was staged then you are the eptiome of cynical. & to think BET only let him do it just to cause a stir is almost just as bad. He left his heart on that stage. If you can't see that then you weren't really paying attention. C'mon

  20. I'm glad some folks see where I am coming from. I'm not condoning what the boy did. I'm not trying to put El down - that brother is a musical hero of mine. All I'm saying is fair is fair. Don't play double-standards. CB is NO WORSE than El or anybody else. The non-answer given on the last post about why El wasn't dogged was just not cutting it with me. Like causal observer said, why not dig up El's long list of woes? It does not matter if it was 83 or not when he was at his peak. Come on now.
    And on this business about a "pass." What pass has he been given? Just like Janet, he's been blackballed ten times over. What more do you all want? Him stoned? He's done his time for the legal system, lost endoresements, seen his sales suffer and everything else. I don't know what more you all want. That man has hardly gotten any kind of pass. Such talk is stupid and short-sighted. If you don't like him just say that ... but all this faux rationale is tired.
    And on Rhianna being "traumatized" ... Man whatever. How many dudes has she been linked to since that time? How much posing has she done for the paps? Fashion spreads? Ran into the lab for a new record. Give me a break. It's been a boon to her career and shie's milking it for all it's worth ... I don't see her in a corner shivering anywhere. Let's not overdramatize any of this.
    But back to the original point. Let the man get on with his life and career. Like the other poster, said, it could be 2020 and you all would still be harping on it talking about him getting a pass.
    Y'all really are tripping.

  21. I think Chris has a wonderful future ahead of him as a Michael Jackson impersonator

  22. Im of the opinion that he had no voice and covered it up with the 'crying'.

  23. @Neka
    I do think it's very fair to compare Rihanna's response to CB's response, because I remember several people wondering why she would go forward with an album promotion less than six months after "the incident." A LOT of people were saying "she needs time to heal," "she's over it already?" and things of that nature. People had been calling for her to take a break anyways (three albums in as many years), but those calls got 10x times louder after February 2009.
    To rub salt in the wound, Rihanna's whole image changed after "the incident" as well, and even Stevie Wonder can see that's not personal growth -- that's pure marketing. It's one thing to be subject to intense media scrutiny, take some time off and let the world know about some of your inner demons and struggles when you're ready (see: The Velvet Rope), but to do a 360 from pop diva to dark and tormented within a few months is all business REGARDLESS of who was the victim, perp, or even the crime at hand. I mean, does anyone honestly think Rihanna would be putting out songs like "Russian Roulette" if the incident hadn't happened?
    And no, I'm not taking sides. But Rihanna is business first, artistry second -- unlike some of her peers, Tina Turner for instance, who are the other way around.

  24. I love Soulbounce, I really do but........
    Who are we to question the realness behind his tears? His mere presence probably was a publicity stunt but the world of entertainment is a walking, talking publicity stunt. Everything is done with an underlying reason.
    Whether he cried for personal reasons or for MJ, he needed cleansing, Period! Singing "Man In The Mirror" would make anyone cry. I'm tearing up just thinking about the lyrics (not really, but you get the point).
    If anything, him crying took his attempt (being on the show) to gain fans a step further and you know what? It worked!
    This is the most attention he has gotten in a minute and Instead of talking about his legal woes, we're discussing a tribute performance honoring Michael Jackson. Not bad for a kid who was blackballed (his fault) a year earlier.

  25. Chris Brown is a man in progress. Do it Chris, you guys really need to lay off of it here, it isn't cute anymore.-QH

  26. i love when people say "leave chris alone", "lay off him" lol chris is grown, and he proved physically he can defend himself *hint* *hint* i agree with soulbounce, technically speaking, the performance was just ok, it was the crying that got everybody talking...again "hint" "hint

  27. SB has always been very critical of CB and I understand it. He did something super foul and did not seem very sorry for it. However, the boy (yes he was and still is a boy) was 19 when it happened. He's not a lost cause, he can learn and grow and change his ways. We don't know what was going through his mind during the performance but I doubt he would've been that choked up if he were singing Beat It instead of Man In the Mirror. I think anyone who has a heart could see that the boy was truly emotional. You can fake tears easily, but that boy was snotting and couldn't hardly even breathe let alone sing a note.
    Let's be real, Chris Brown is the best dancer out of all the mainstreams artists out there. Usher, Omarion and the likes can't hold a candle to Chris on the dance floor. The tribute they did last year for MJ was horrible, CB is the only person capable of pulling off a proper tribute for MJ. Think about the Grammy's tribute, that was horrible too.
    Moreover, there are PLENTY of artists who don't get blackballed for their offenses. And even if they don't get in legal trouble for their offenses, they rap/sing about things waaaaaay worse than what CB did. So let's not play holier than thou and act like CB is the scum of the earth. Let's all hope that the momentum from this performance propels him in the right direction. He's still young yet, he can change. People get beat every day, so instead of ridiculing the latest person to get charged why don't we spend that energy helping to put an end to domestic violence. Go volunteer at a shelter or a help line if you are THAT concerned with the affects of domestic violence, thats what I did.

  28. Ok. Let me clarify LOL Today has been the ultimate day of a million clarifications re: Chris Brown and El Debarge.
    When SoulBounce had men on its staff, even when one was the HNIC, we were all in agreement that Chris Brown was not someone whose behavior we approved of regarding his domestic violence incident with Rihanna.
    In my casual observance of how this whole situation is playing out, I seem to see a lot more adult women not in the mood to forgive him whereas more adult men seem to want to move on. Regardless of the gender of the SB team prior to today, we have always been in agreement that what he did was wrong and we were not going to give him a golden ticket of "passing."
    My earlier statement was reflective of SB's current view now.
    Now if everyone will excuse me, I have a life to go live 🙂 I know this issue has far-reaching consequences, but the last time I anything that BET aired ever affected my life was when a former male host of Teen Summit read his HIV test results on the air in 1990. Yesterday's broadcast of these "awards" was but another useless blip during the course of my day.
    Carry on.

  29. Well, I think a number of things went wrong with Chris Brown's Man in the Mirror performance. First, he should have attempted to perform with Ray Chew's live band so he could sing the song in a lower range. Second, if you're going to perform a tribute to Michael Jackson, then sing the song. I understand getting emotional during a song but really. He didn't sing a single note of that song! I thought it was so unprofessional. MJ deserved better than that.

  30. I never thought I'd write this but, IMHO, SB is on some BS.
    Butta (I'm a fan of yours & this site & I ain't goin' nowhere) but you folks at SB reek of cynicism & self-righteousness when it concerns Mr Brown. I've never been a fan of dude & I still don't know why this particular incident blew up like it did. But it really reads like the ubiquitous you is punishing dude for something that happened to you or someone you love. And as much as you guys dis Rihanna, we KNOW that she does fit into either category.
    He's a kid. He's going thru this IN PUBLIC. Complete strangers are judging him like they were there. It's really rather disgusting to watch. You don't know what happened. You READ it somewhere. And this is, in no way, an attempt to 'blame the victim'. Like I said, it was horrible what went down. But get off of his back. He's not Hitler. These are not the frickin' Killing Fields. He's a kid who was in a relationship and made a mistake. He's NOT a serial killer. When he has a long and storied history of beating up the ladies, THEN tell us how much of a bug he is. Until then, could you PLEASE keep it to yourselves?

  31. @ mocakt: Exactly. It was an MJ tribute. Period. Making it about himself and bawling uncontrollably did not pay tribute to anything but his own ego. Remember his carefully scripted, unemotional, robotic "apology?" All the non-specific language about the "incident" and his lack of personal accountability? (Getting convicted of a crime does not equate.) And he sobs through a tribute performance a year later after his sponsorships were canceled and record sales dropped? Come on.

  32. chris you have been had me having church!!! lol you did mike proud

  33. And yet, none of the SB bloggers has yet to answer the question that has been asked at least three times in various posts: Why the disdain for CB, but the love for El DeBarge? Y'all are dancing around the question without giving a straight answer. Actually, scratch that -- don't answer, because your silence speaks volumes.

  34. @ just saying:
    I can only speak for myself when I say this. I actually answered this same question on the El Debarge post today, but I will do it again on this comment thread.
    The answer to your question is this:
    I never ever ever ever liked Chris Brown. Never. Ever.
    I love El Debarge.
    They have both had domestic violence arrests and prosecution against them. When El had his issues it was not as much of an issue with really anyone except those who were familiar with him. And those people were all adults. Chris Brown and Rihanna, at the time of the incident, were both heroes amongst children. I cannot tell you how disturbing it was to see Biggie's daughter on her Twitter thread say how she didn't care what happened because she still loved him. That cycle of victimization and the teaching of this type of forgiveness without any type of accountability on his part severely bothers me.
    Is there a double-standard? With me? No. Why? Because at the end of the day, I don't care about Chris Brown, Rihanna, El Debarge, R. Kelly, Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, or any other artist accused of doing inappropriate acts to women or minors. None of these people are paying me. Until I get a check from Chris Brown for any services that I have rendered, I don't give two shits about this issue anymore at all. If Rihanna doesn't care, then neither do I.
    But that's just me.

  35. I just wanted to point out that Chris was not lip-synching the first song. That was his voice.

  36. This is off-topic but it's a grammatical rule that must be noted. When you say, "A true professional knows how to overcome their emotions" please know that you should use "his" or "her in place of "their" since "a professional" is singular, not plural. Sorry for being a grammar nazi.

  37. The performance was ok but I could have did without all that damn crying.

  38. Umm...Honestly SB your commentary lately has truly taken me aback..truly.. first you were agreeing with slim thug now this?If you didn't post good music I wouldn't visit this site.... Let's be real..why haven't we forgiven Chris Brown? We forgave men who have sex with children, wife beaters, people who slide credit cards down a woman's behind,and agree with the relationship advice from a man that calls a woman he is seeing his "bitch" but we can't forgive this BOY? Remember he is young, a child, and people old enough to be his parents are attacking him on a daily as a womanist..I know all about violence against women and experience mental abuse daily every time I turn on the radio or TV..but lets be honest the black community forgives almost ALL of our members that stray off the good path (even oj), when is it Chris Brown's turn?
    Frankly I don't support anyone whose actions/opinions don't align with my beliefs but hell I am consistent

  39. I've read enough comments here to know that many people are judging this man because of what they see on television, or a YouTube video. I am in no way excusing him for what he did to Rihanna, but there comes a point when talking about the lives of others where someone has to say "how do we know all that?"
    What I mean is how do we know how much he's healed? How do we know where he is mentally or as far as maturity goes? I don't mean to make this all about religion but the bottom line is that CB has to get right with God. He has to be excised of all his demons and come to grips with his past. Whether or not he has done that has nothing to do with the rest of us, or our opinions. We don't know where he is in his heart, so how can we judge that?
    When will anything that this man does ever just be about his talent and not about the Rihanna incident or about him wanting album sales? I think we should take the performance for what it's worth-either you loved it or you hated it. Leave the rest to the Almighty.
    Everyone here is so concerned with what Rihanna and other DV victims would think about it. This may sound harsh, but why not let THEM deal with their issues and decide whether or not they like Chris Brown after what he's done in the past. I'm not downplaying it at all, but I just think that instead of some of us being marauders for justice and hating the man's guts, let THEM hate his guts. The rest of us--leave it alone. This has been said thousands of times but we were not there so we don't know whether those tears were sincere or not. The whole thing is purely about opinion, not about what HE was or was not feeling at the time. So don't keep making him out to be some heartless, soulless abomination of God. He is not. He's a man. He's done some really horrible things in his life, but that does not give the rest of us the right to spit on every single thing he does in the public view. If he were not in the public eye, a celebrity, he'd probably be better off because people wouldn't have so many opinions of him.
    Let God do the judging of another man's character. We can pretty much stay out of this one. That goes for all of these celebrities frequently judged by others. They can never have back the lives they had before but seriously, let them try to live some kind of life.

  40. okay hold up. You're probably not gonna even answer this illmami but I'm confused about your reasoning.
    Are you saying that due to the fact that you love El Debarge and pretty much disliked Chris Brown from the jump, that thats why its ok to blackball Chris & not El Debarge?
    You said:" I am the last person to want to forgive someone for domestic violence. But at this point in my life what sticks with me are the images I saw of Rihanna all bruised, beaten, and bitten. I don't know what El's victims looked like."
    So just because the Chris Brown thing is fresh in your mind that that makes him the spawn of satin & El Debarge gets off scott free. Ya'll are showing him in a good light & outcasting Chris. You're saying that Chris's emotional breakdown was staged even though it looked pretty genuine and you have no proof that it was staged. I really dont think Chris is that foul that he would fake crying like that after all he's been through the last year as far as public scrutiny. I doubt that he would even chance people hating him even more by faking tears. And since you're "not going to give him a a golden ticket of "passing" thus far, when is he gonna get everybody off his back? Like what else does he have to do? I'd say he's gotten a ton of much deserverd hatred thrown his way this year. Is he supposed to be miserable for the rest of his life? C'mon He's only 21 or so and I think he's finally realizing that what he did was horrible & he's gonna make sure it dosent happen again.

  41. Damn, hit a grand slam with your comment.......everything you said is nothing but the truth......real talk.

  42. I thought it had been generally assumed that the opinion of one reflected the opinion of SB as a whole, so if anyone out there agrees/disagrees with ill mami, I'm curious.
    But I gotta ask the same thing Eddie Adams below asked: Does it minimize El's situation because we didn't see any photos of the victim, or because she wasn't famous? First, let's not forget that LAPD was not supposed to release that photo of Rihanna all bruised up in the first place. But my understanding, El was married to this chick, right? Stress of marriage + man with ongoing drug problems + lack of steady cash flow + all those damn kids in and out the relationship + possible (I'm guessing) prior incidences of unreported violence? I think homegirl might have seen a lot of stress Rihanna couldn't even handle, and just because we haven't seen her scars doesn't mean they weren't there.
    And I think to say "I don't care about either one" is a cop-out and easy way to squirm out of this discussion, because let's face it: If you didn't care about El, you wouldn't have been sweating him for an interview, nor would you have written a post about him just now. There are three other bloggers that could have handled that, correct?
    The Chris Brown/El DeBarge debate would never have come up if someone would've had the foresight to simply acknowledge that El himself had some issues -- and give us a damn good reason why we should give him a "second chance" when we've been giving him second chance after second chance since he bounced from the original DeBarge back in '86.

  43. @Eddie Adams:
    I personally did not say that "Chris's emotional breakdown was staged." Butta did. In fact, I didn't see it. I missed it entirely. And since I'm never going to watch the BET Awards reruns ever, all of this is now utterly moot to me.
    Let's get one thing straight: What is more fresh in my mind is what happened to me. Not Rihanna. Not El's ex-wife. There are people I love to listen to whose pasts are worse than Chris Brown's. El Debarge certainly is one of them. I guess the subtext of my comments on this so far have been lost, so I'll create an enumerated list to just get straight to the point:
    1) Chris Brown and Rihanna have a far-reaching impact on children. El Debarge really doesn't. At least not since the '80s.
    2) I have moved on from this. I wish we all could let go and let God like Bella suggests but we are all human and humans judge. It's our nature. It is my right to judge anyone, man or woman, who does unethical acts. If Rihanna fucked up, then she deserves to be held to the same criminal standards that Chris Brown has. Yes, I said it. I also said it here.
    3) I don't care what Chris Brown has to do more to sway anyone else. Why? Because unless he becomes President, dates my nonexistent daughter, or is the first man on Mars, I don't care about him. I also don't know when everyone else has gotten off his back. But I have not only gotten off his back but this train as well.
    4) To wisdomshot and anyone else who reads this comment, just know that the views of one particular editor are not all of ours unless explicitly stated. I try to make that clear when I write my own posts. I will make sure to pay more attention to that in the future.
    Once again, these are my own opinions. No one else's.
    Hope this helps.

  44. Oh bad. You're right, You did not say that "Chris's emotional breakdown was staged." That was Butta. I'm sorry about that. & furthermore, rather than continuing to go back & forth, I'll just say that what Bella wrote was the way we all should feel about it. I mean everybody is gonna have there thoughts but looking at the situation from the outside, we should take the approach that Bella suggests.

  45. although I do agree with some things that "Just Saying" but lets just take Bella's approach.

  46. Oh I'm well aware that we all have the ability and the "right" to judge another person. But how many of us use that ability and right with intelligence and understanding? Another thing that I meant to say is that because of the fact that we all have different opinions, what judging we subject people to, is going to be different all across the board. If one person says he is "redeemed" then there's going to be a million more saying "he still needs to heal".
    What the hell is this? What do you know? Not to mention the fact that the number one cop out is indeed what you've said previously, that you don't care. If that is honestly how you feel then how is there still still this debate of Chris vs. El? It shouldn't matter that it was different times, or that you saw Rihanna's bruises and not the other woman's. If you must judge, realize that lives were changed in both instances. In both cases you have four (possibly more) people who need "healing". Whether or not they have reached that point is between them and their maker. Yes we can say things like "give him a second chance" and "he doesn't deserve to be given a pass" but the bottom line of my argument is that there is no way that your judgment, or anyone else's, will be the final one, so people need to stop acting as if it is.
    In reality, your judgment means nothing to them. It won't change anything. It won't make them better people. It won't give them an epiphany or open their eyes to anything. It's useless to think so. You do NOT have the right to condemn, so why waste your time with all the judging and what-not?
    Will it ever again be about the music?

  47. @Eddie Adams: Thanks, man.

  48. Sorry ya'll, my internet connection is slow so I'm reading all these comments well after I've already posted mine. I apologize for being redundant.

  49. my issue with chris brown is not even directly about chris brown anymore. I hope that young man is on a road to true redemption - not career redemption, but the very personal kind that's between he and himself or the most high. I don't propose to know when it'll be reached if not already. it's not chris brown that bothers me at this point, it's his apologists who are often very young people. their overall attitude seems to be that rihanna deserved it because "she provoked him" or that it's no big deal because "she's probably a b*tch" or that beating somebody to that extreme just isn't a big deal, or any of the other number of things I've read and heard in the past year and a half since that incident went down that devalues victims and women. it concerns me as a victim of DV, as a parent and a human being in general. it's a much larger issue than chris brown.
    I also think that some of the wording CB has chosen in the past is problematic, i.e. "I'm sorry about what happened" or "I regret what happened". It leaves the apologists room for conspiracy theories of which there are many (rihanna gave him herpes, rihanna hit him first and he's protecting her, etc). it also potentially indicates that he still hasn't taken personal accountability. I blame the yes men around him, too, if that's the case. but we are ALL just speculating as none of us know these people. I hope that one day chris brown goes around to high schools and speaks to young people about the repercussions of violence and/or does PSAs out the yin yang or whatever it takes for him to send a hard and clear message about what is not okay. I wish he'd have done that before rushing into the studio to record an album. I wish rihanna had, too, but I tend to be careful about making demands of victims. beyond the initial incident, a lot of damage has been done by CB and his team. his own dancers have come out publicly throwing rihanna under the bus. there have been bad PR moves all around. bottom line is that he did plead guilty to a felony and nobody "owes" him "forgiveness". the entitlement to that end is stunningly naive. it'll take way more time than this.
    @Um: "And on Rhianna being "traumatized" ... Man whatever. How many dudes has she been linked to since that time?"
    WOW. what does that have to do with anything? this statement really bothers the hell out of me. I had problems for years after I was in an abusive relationship, even two relationships later. I was pregnant with my now five year old daughter when I saw my abuser again and I almost had a panic attack in the middle of grand central terminal. seriously, now who is employing "faux rationale"? get way WAY off trying to judge how a victim copes based on the face they put on in public or in what ways they find solace.
    @Songboy3: "...Until then, could you PLEASE keep it to yourselves?"
    I don't understand how you come to somebody else's website and tell them to keep something to themselves. weird.
    @wisdomshot: "Umm...Honestly SB your commentary lately has truly taken me aback..truly.. first you were agreeing with slim thug now this?"
    this has been addressed already but I'll reiterate: we're individuals. our names are attached to our posts for that reason. unless a post contains verbiage along the lines of "we at soulbounce think..." then please don't assume we are borg on any issue. I thought this was obvious, but if not perhaps we should note this somewhere at some point. for the record, I vehemently disagreed with ill mami's slim thug post. for the record part 2: F*CK R KELLY.

  50. you know what....lets just get back to Michael!

  51. @muse: Thanks for the correction.
    @muse & Eddie Adams: Chris was clearly lip-syncing "The Way You Make Me Feel." Quite honestly, he should have lip-synced "Man In the Mirror," too, but that wasn't his agenda.
    @Bella: Will it ever again be about the music?
    Yes, it will be. Eventually.
    To whoever else this applies to (it's late and I'm sick, so please forgive me not addressing you directly):
    I made it quite clear in what I wrote that this was my opinion. Yet and still, SoulBounce stands behind everything that our Editors and Contributors writes. However, unless it's a group post, then the opinion therein is that of the person who wrote it. We've only been doing this for almost 3 years now.
    I've immersed myself in MJ for the past few weeks in preparation for our countdown and quite honestly CB's performance was underwhelming. I wasn't moved nor impressed. But that's just me. Wow...whaddya know...another opinion. For what it's worth, after witnessing Trey Wrongz super lame performance and utterly horrible rendition of "Purple Rain," I went so far as to give CB props over Trey on Sunday night whilst on Twitter. See, I have a sense of humor, too.
    Lastly, because the NyQuil is about to kick in, I also stated that Chris Brown is entitled to his second chance, but IMO it's too soon and "the incident" is still fresh in the minds of many. Plus he's not just going to get it handed to him on silver platter because he can moonwalk. We fall down and we get up, but he just needs to sit down for a little while longer. And, for real, for real, I wouldn't be mad if Rihanna sat down, too. She's been doing way too much, but that's another blog altogether.
    Now let's get back to our regularly scheduled Summer of Michael Jackson. SHAMON!

  52. word.....SHAMON!

  53. I am going to have to respectfully disagree with the comments about Chris Brown's performance.
    Unlike you, a lot of people were waiting for Chris Brown to do a tribute to Michael Jackson. There was speculation about why he was absent from last year's horrendous "tribute." Chris Brown was a shinning light prior to the Rihanna incident and many people believed he had the potential to live up to Michael Jackson's iconic legacy. I think it is a bit hasty to disregard Chris Brown's talent, simply because of that one incident. Chris Brown does have the "it" factor.
    Also, being a professional has nothing to do with crying on stage. At the end of the day he is human and everyone can attest to having overbearing emotions. Michael is DEAD and all you can say is be professional and get over it! The world cried when Michael passed because his work transcended music and touched lives. That's Chris's idol and I think it really hit Chris at that point and time just how fortunate he was to be able to pay homage to such a legend. He's been shunned since the Rihanna incident so the fact that BET offered to give him a chance to do this was big in itself. No one told Mariah Carey to overcome her emotions and sing the song at MJ's funeral! In addition its not like we don't know that the boy can sing. In the past he has done great performances that have proven that.
    You are getting people's positive reception to Chris's performance confused with the public some how condoning what he did. No one is saying that what he did is okay. What that performance allowed us to see was Chris doing what we fell in love with him for, dancing and singing (or at least attempting to). Since the incident no one has given him the opportunity to get back into the good graces of the public. You say it was a PR stunt but what did BET have to gain from this? A lot of people are still upset with Chris Brown and many people, radio and television included, turned their backs on him. He went from being one of the highly anticipated Grammy performers to begging his fans to request his songs on the radio.
    Rihanna has clearly moved on and I think its time that the rest of us did as well. He did nail the performance because he put his heart out there and made many people (maybe not you) feel it! On top of that he was singing Man in the Mirror, which I am sure he could relate to after all the stuff he's been though after the incident.

  54. Really, I think it would have been better if they he had kept on and just danced to MJ singing. Even if just for the sake of consistency. If you're not going to sing one or two songs, don't sing any.
    The dancing was phenomenal, IMO. I have always admired CB as one of the greatest dancers of THIS generation. His singing never really appealed to me, though. Except for one song he has called Angel which I thought was nice.
    But as far as being a good or bad MJ tribute, it's mediocre, I would say. Simply because I have come to expect nothing more from BET within the last few years. Yes, it would have made more sense to do a dance tribute with CB last year, but do you really think that the conversation here would be better or worse, I mean that would have been WAY to soon.
    I will tell you that I screamed when I first saw the silhouette because I just knew that it was going to be awesome, the tribute I wanted to see from the beginning. But that does raise the question of why wasn't anyone else approached for this tribute last year? Usher, Genuwine, Justin Timberlake, they all could have done a great job last year but no, BET doesn't practice using common sense.
    Major "DUH" moment.

  55. I'm not a CB fan,but I too thought his presence was missing last year on he BET awards. Guys like CB, Usher, B2K, and many other male pop acts were birthed from MJ.
    Butta sounds a lil uppity/CB bashing. If the Rihana incident didn't happen, this wouldn't be an article. If there was no emotional tie, Butta wouldn't be writing about this. None of us were present during the incident, so none of us can judge CB. As far as I can tell, she's a very smart and manipulative girl(scandidly clad dressed). It wouldn't be surprising if she didn't provoke him. I'm old school, we don't touch women. I have been put in a situations where it was tested and I passed, unfortuantely everyone wasn't raised by a single mother who made sure I'd never put my hands on a woman. I'm not going to judge him.
    The performance was great. Out of all this, Prince was shafted. BET should devote a whole show to Prince. He's been getting screwed by MJ for years. This guy is waaaaay more talented. He plays all the instruments, sings, writes, and produces movies. MJ can grab his crotch and scream Hehe. Now that's talent!!!!!

  56. In the words of my Lil sister. "Y'all Funny."
    No matter what the situation or opinion we have misguided focus.
    Once you get a person who has been mistreated by another we habitually start mistreating,ostracizing and condemning the abuser.
    At what point do we go beyond telling young men more than "DON'T Do THAT". If they can see a fool gain wisdom then they can see themselves doing it.
    And another thing. Many great entertainers put out CDs that suck. But that is a seperate thread all together.

  57. seriously? I thought he did a good job and being emotional is a human emotion. Why do people feel the need to put him down and feel like it was not genuine? Maybe he really got emotional! Get over it already Rihanna has. He did a great job in my opinion! GO CB! Sounds to me like you MIGHT be for second chances but not for CB. Had this been Usher, Omarion or Genuine who did the same thing would you be saying the same thing? Somehow I doubt it!

  58. this comment by "Phil4Real" is EXACTLY what I was referring to. chris brown's wayward stans and ignorant apologists make it worse for CB, IMO.
    "None of us were present during the incident, so none of us can judge CB."
    so tired of this played out rhetoric. chris brown plead guilty. he's a convicted felon. people can do with that whatever they want. it's really not so far fetched for some to say "he's a criminal, I'd rather not support him".
    "As far as I can tell, she's a very smart and manipulative girl(scandidly clad dressed). It wouldn't be surprising if she didn't provoke him."
    disgusting. there are men who rape women and use "she was dressed like a slut" as an excuse. how somebody dresses doesn't give anybody license to mistreat them. this is misogynistic, foolish logic. beyonce also dresses scantily. how do you think the world would react if jay-z physically assaulted her? you say nobody should judge, then you turn right around and judge a female performer based on how she dresses on stage. you're a lousy hypocrite.

  59. The real problem with CB is, besides from his Stans, no one likes him. R Kelly, El Debarge, and LiL Wayne aren't artists that people love to hate, in fact, they are fairly charismatic. It's not right, but, that's the way it is. The Rihanna incident jut gave people one more thing to not like about Chris Brown. The other thing that bothers people about CB is the two faces he's shown. His social networking brattyness and whining left most people I know feeling he hasn't learned his lesson. In my opinion, Tyler Perry hit the nail on the head with his comments about the whole thing. Telling Larry King you aren't clear on what happened and it was all a blur, doesn't show any ownership or taking responsibilty. His apologies have come across as hollow so it's not hard to feel(if you already don't like him) that his crying was hollow too. The bottom line is, people don't like Chris Brown.

  60. @ Nneka, I totally agree with Joaquino. I smell double standards in what some Black women on this site can let slide and what they make lots of howling about.
    How can we say Chris Brown should be crucified for life yet we allow people with well-documented mistakes, crimes, etc get our forgiveness. Come ooooooon!?! This is unbelieveable.
    I watched Chris Brown perform and the breakdown to me is very very very genuin. Cut him some slack. He has done what was required of him by law. Many others had good lawyers that got them off free. Let Chris breathe, let Chris live, let Chris get a chance to do what is right. No Double Standards.

  61. You nailed it! It was a "GTFOH with that cheap melodramatic bs" moment.
    Get some therapy from people with your best interests at heart Chris, and deal with the abuse from your own childhood (violent stepdad and neglectful mom).
    The showbiz gravy train rolls over another unwell young entertainer.

  62. Okay HOLD UP! WAIT A GOT DAMN MINUTE! Am I the only one who is about to GO IN on "Phil4Real" for his amazingly ignorant & "I love Prince and I dont really know why everybody loves Michael Jackson" comments!?
    This dude just wrote:
    "Out of all this, Prince was shafted. BET should devote a whole show to Prince. He's been getting screwed by MJ for years. This guy is waaaaay more talented. He plays all the instruments, sings, writes, and produces movies. MJ can grab his crotch and scream Hehe. Now that's talent!!!!!"
    I love Prince too dog, but he's not there with Michael overall as an artist. I mean Prince is a bad muthaf*cka but come on.....Michael is definitely more talented (I hate to say that because both of them are frickin' Awesome), when all things are considered.
    a) Michael is unquestionably the better vocalist. I mean c'mon do we even need to debate that?
    b) You also inferred that Michael couldn't play any instruments. Micheal played the piano. Of course not nearly as well as Prince but he could play. Actually, saying that Prince's abilities as a musician make him a better artist only makes me bring to light that Michael was the unbelievable dancer that he was. Just like his voice, he used is body as an instrument. He once said that while dancing onstage, “when you hear the bass, you become the bass…..”when you hear the strings, you become the strings.” Prince couldn’t dance like Mike and Mike couldn’t play like Prince. So where does that get us? Furthermore, the fact that Michael wrote song entirely off of hearing music in his head without being to great of a musician speaks volumes on how incredible a songwriter he was.
    c) Outside of singing, dancing, and songwriting, Michael was also a producer and a visionary & pioneer of the music video. He revolutioned music & the music industry on a way bigger scale than Prince ever did.
    d) How dare you come on Soulbounce with all this ignorance.....especially during The Summer of Michael Jackson!!!!!!!

  63. @ Phil4Real.
    Blaming the very sad. You claim Butta to be uppity regarding Chris Brown but then lay blame on Rhianna because of the way she dresses? SMH. I think Huny addressed that well.
    It seems you know nothing about Michael Jackson to be throwing so much shade.
    The BET tribute has nothing do with the differences between his Royal Badness and the King of Pop. I also expected a bit more from his tribute (Shelia E and The Time were missing) but blaming a deceased icon for it is ludicrous. Stevie Wonder is a musical genius and would probably need a month worth of shows to properly honor him but received the same treat as every other artist that was honored. Michael Jackson never received a Lifetime Achievement award from BET.
    Both Prince and MJ are talented in their own right but different. If some chose to be more attracted to one then another then so be it but it's not the fault of the more popular artist.
    The statements you made referring to Michael Jackson as having limited talent especially after he has passed shows how little you know about music and are down right disrespectful. It may be your opinion but it's filled with tons some research.
    Your comments present you as a walking contradiction. You don't hit girls and MJ birthed all other male pop acts but it's her fault because Rhianna's manipulative (provoked Chris Brown) and all MJ did was grab his crotch and screamed HE HE.......flip flopping aren't we?

  64. 2damnfunny made some great points......& actually, like I said, I hate to pit Prince against Michael because they are both exceptionally gifted. But Prince just isnt quite there with Michael. I just had to air that dude out real
    I'd say that Stevie Wonder is the only artist that I put on Michael's level though. In their prime, they were both awe-inspiring vocalists, great live performers, & made the greatest music humanly possible. Honestly, Stevie Wonder is the only other artist that is as good as Michael. I mean nobody has ever made the incredible amount of great music in such a short time span as Stevie did from 1969-1976 When he passes (Lord forbid, I still haven't met him he'll get the same amount of love that Michael got. Just like you can talk about Michael all day, you can do the same with Stevie.

  65. I mean Stevie & Mike made music the most beautiful melodies that incorparated several musical genres. So did Prince, but maybe not as diverse as Michael & Steveland. James Brown and Ray Charles were obviously in a class of their own as well, but I'd say that Stevie & Michael take the cake. Damn, maybe Soulbounce should do the Top 100 Greatest Artists in Soul Music History!

  66. LOL that this has more comments than any other post in the past week, possibly ever on this site. (i don't care enough to check the comments on the older pages)
    So if CB and his people staged his wheezing, snotting and crying as a major publicity stunt to generate buzz and get people talking....He won. Maybe thats why people, including contributors on SB are upset.
    I understand that people don't like him, and thats understandable....I can't say he's my favorite but I also don't think its fair to take anything away from his performance cuz from the looks of it he danced his heart out and cried his heart out too. Are we that cynical as a society that we can't recognize genuine human emotion? Maybe we should disconnect from the blogs and social network sites and reconnect with humans in person. just saying...

  67. @ Eddie Adams
    Thanks. I love both Prince and Michael Jackson (still have my original Purple Rain album) and hate it when people pit the two of them against each other like there can only be one. There were other artist in the 80s that also had great success. Is it Prince or Michael's fault that they didn't surpass them?
    Seems so childish.
    Just want to enjoy the SOMJ.

    Simple and plain. This kid has paid his debt to society and anyone here with the audacity to pile on the punishment needs to climb down off that cross and make room for Jesus to get back on.
    If it weren't for someone, somewhere, giving a handful of you folks a second chance, you probably wouldn't be able to afford the computer that you are sitting here passing judgement on.
    GROW UP and stop subscribing to that slave mentality!

  69. Y people still hatin on Chris Brown but Alicia Keys gets a pass?

  70. I think this post is extremely harsh, considering the fact that CB showed long before the Rihanna incident that he loved MJ. Isn't it possible that he could have been overwhelmed with appreciation and gratitude for being able to perform the tribute? Also, how does CB earn a second chance, since clearly a stellar performance and sincere humility isn't enough?

  71. I actually thought the opposite. What WAS a sorry publicity stunt was that public apology WAY after the incident occurred (as if you can apologize for domestic violence, but, whatever). I think that fact that all he could do was dance and didn't make it through the singing was more selfless, and the reality of singing a song in front of millions that talks about changing yourself and nobody else forces one to think about those words. On that note, it was sincere, but why people said it was the best performance I'm not sure.

  72. "LOL that this has more comments than any other post in the past week, possibly ever on this site"
    hardly. but stans go hard. see: any post on any gossip blog about beyonce.
    "Maybe we should disconnect from the blogs and social network sites and reconnect with humans in person. just saying..."
    wait...that's your advice for the cynics or the fantatical apologists? I'd say the latter could do well by that suggestion. going this hard for a celebrity always smacks of some semblance of disconnect.
    "GROW UP and stop subscribing to that slave mentality!"
    oh lord. bring it down a few notches.

  73. First, I will say that the performance was awesome, minus the swan dive at the end. Not only is CB misunderstood, but his critics are too. CB and his PR team have continued to make one gaffe after another with his career. From the album that should have stayed on the shelf, to twitter rants, to half-ass apologies....he has given people reason to doubt his sincerity. So, people reacting with disdain or disbelief at his "crying" incident should come as no surprise. Personally, I thought he auditioned for his movie role with that performance. Might it have been genuine? Yes.....but his actions since the "incident" occurred have been so phony that it's hard to believe that this isn't another publicity stunt. Sorry.

  74. First, I will say that the performance was awesome, minus the swan dive at the end. Not only is CB misunderstood, but his critics are too. CB and his PR team have continued to make one gaffe after another with his career. From the album that should have stayed on the shelf, to twitter rants, to half-ass apologies....he has given people reason to doubt his sincerity. So, people reacting with disdain or disbelief at his "crying" incident should come as no surprise. Personally, I thought he auditioned for his movie role with that performance. Might it have been genuine? Yes.....but his actions since the "incident" occurred have been so phony that it's hard to believe that this isn't another publicity stunt. Sorry.

  75. as a man all you can do after you screw up is make amends and apologize. CB has done that. Enough is enough, is he suppose to spend the rest of his life apologizing to all you holier than thou types? I mean what will make ya'll unforgiving bastards happy??? let the dude live his life, some of you who are calling or his head are probably wife beaters your damn self, some of you same people condeming CB probably still support that child molester R. Kelly. I can say with all conviction I would rather live next door to BC then R. Kelly....

  76. I'm biased because unless it's Michael Jackson up there dancing like Michael Jackson, I couldn't care less.
    First of all, I've never been impressed by tears. Take that ish to a kindergarten teacher who cares.
    Secondly, I agree with Butta. Usher and a whole bunch of other performers could have done what CB did. He is not the greatest most spectacular dancer in history. Jeez.
    It's funny to me how people get mad because other people don't want to forgive CB. If people don't want to forgive him, they don't have to. If you want to support him, go on out and buy 20 of his cd's but if me and 400,000 other women and men want nothing to do with him, that's our prerogative. Don't get mad because some people think his fake ass tears were fake. "Chris Brown danced great and cried on stage." So? And? Who cares?
    That performance was equivalent to someone singing a solo at church, hitting a bad note, and then immediately getting the Holy Ghost so no one will talk bad about them.
    I am indifferent about Chris Brown, mainly because I feel like his dv situation should be a personal matter and not a global issue, but I also feel that if people don't want to ever support him again because of how he molly whopped Rihanna, then that's just the hand he was dealt. *shrug*

  77. You're about the only blogger who nailed it on the head about CB. I was NOT moved at all. Especially considering how entitled he's been acting on Twitter when the radio stopped playing his songs and Wal-Mart wouldn't stock his record.
    As for his dancing, I keep saying, if you live in NY, you've likely seen 1000 street dancers who could have done what he did. I know he's not Michael, but there was something a bit off about his performance. He just doesn't have the speed Michael had so I found myself comparing them.

  78. You're about the only blogger who nailed it on the head about CB. I was NOT moved at all. Especially considering how entitled he's been acting on Twitter when the radio stopped playing his songs and Wal-Mart wouldn't stock his record.
    As for his dancing, I keep saying, if you live in NY, you've likely seen 1000 street dancers who could have done what he did. I know he's not Michael, but there was something a bit off about his performance. He just doesn't have the speed Michael had so I found myself comparing them.

  79. You're about the only blogger who nailed it on the head about CB. I was NOT moved at all. Especially considering how entitled he's been acting on Twitter when the radio stopped playing his songs and Wal-Mart wouldn't stock his record.
    As for his dancing, I keep saying, if you live in NY, you've likely seen 1000 street dancers who could have done what he did. I know he's not Michael, but there was something a bit off about his performance. He just doesn't have the speed Michael had so I found myself comparing them.

  80. Right on point!!! Not to mention how Lloyd exposed him too saying he told him to do it and then when it started to go around he tried to change it, lol I was not moved at all.... He should not have been the one doing it in the first place. CB over Usher?!!! WooooooooooW!!!!!!!