Dujeous & Sharon Jones Are ‘Spectacular’

Sometimes we all get a little discouraged, especially with heavy news such as recessions, war and now this "lovely" oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, taking over the headlines. While music can't fix those problems, the right song can at least make you feel a little bit better. Such is the case with "Spectacular," a new song and video by New York-based group Dujeous that features vocals by soul stirrer Sharon Jones. In the video, members of the group toil away at everyman, blue-collar gigs such as construction worker, a cook at a restaurant and a janitor. All through this, the group rhymes about keeping their heads up and knowing there's a better road ahead. And how could you not feel better with Jones' powerful vocals urging you on saying, "The challenge is tough, but I know I got the stuff to be just spectacular"? While on the surface, a hip-hop outfit that features three emcees and a live band may instantly garner comparisons to The Roots, Dujeous has a sound that's uniquely their own. So even if you may not have heard of group, this proves that there's room for more than one hip-hop band on your iPod. 


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  1. me some Dujeous!