El DeBarge Gets His ‘Second Chance’

Despite the El DeBarge interview that never was, I still harbor no ill will towards the man who BET unofficially honored last night. We told y'all all about how he was back in the music game after dealing with some legal troubles, but we're glad to know that El has certainly not been slacking off since his return. I can't really be that mad at the man who inspired so many daydreams of what my imaginary future husband might look like at eight-years-old. Even though we never got the chance to meet, as long as you were working on the beautifully crafted Second Chance--who's EPK is below--due in stores September 28th, I'll let it slide. Especially because you mentioned that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis have production credits. Needless to say, I'm very excited about the new album and your humility and humble persona are traits many people could learn from, El.

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  1. El was AMAZING on the BET Awards last night! Personally, I'm over awards shows because the artists seem to consistently have lame live presentations. A lost art, it seems...
    However, El was a breath of fresh much-needed air last night and was that great combination of both a fan & an artist in his performance on that stage. I'm just glad that I didn't miss it! He reminded of how much of a fan I am of his. Can't wait to cop his new LP!

  2. El DeBarge being on the show last night was the most wondrous, FANATIC moment of all for me! I literally hit the floor, overcome with shock n' awe! I loves me some ELDRA!!! I cannot wait to buy his new project!! *praise dance* for DELIVERANCE!!!

  3. I literally jumped out of my chair when El appeared. THE MAN IS BACK! I was singing along to EVERYTHING. I probably would've had to change my pants if Bunny, Marty, Randy & James had come out on stage. It would've been total sensory overload. He (El) still sounds fantastic! So glad he's clean & doing what God put his high yella ass on this earth to do. Make that feel-good R&B.

  4. Thank GOD real music is finally coming back!

  5. I recall you writing all these screeds about Chris Brown's problems with domestic abuse, how you didn't give a shit about him, his fans were crazy, blah blah blah .... One of El's recent arrests was for domestic abuse - so why no vitriol here? Just sayin' ... I could care less and think both brothers deserve a second chance, but why the differentiation on your part?
    That said, love El and I am happy he's back. He's poised to do it big.

  6. UM. You hit the nail right on the head with that one.
    Between the Media bumping their gums with selective "reporting" ( ie gossip) and people choosing sides like it was the World Cup, People were glossing over hte real issue.
    And the real issue is: How do we help the "sinner"redeem himself. At some point you have to let the person who did the crime express himself and give him room to grow. Day by day, like an addict, we need to show other other "addicts" how to rise above their pass transgressions.
    For the most part Chris proffesional problem is gooing to be rising above his matierial. I's hard to boycott a great album project. Like it is impossible to deny a great live performance. Abuse is a complex issuefor the abuser ( be it one time or habitual). We learn nothing by telling them they have no value just because they did something stupid in a heated moment.

  7. To UM, I'm sure a litany of excuses will be made for El, including but not limited to:
    -Growing up mixed "in a different time"
    -A lifetime of demons haunting him (daddy issues chief among them)
    -The royalty issues with Berry Gordy/Motown
    -His musical contribution outweighs his run-ins with the law
    -Something along the lines of "recognizing a true artist for their flaws"
    ...while Chris Brown will get the usual heave-ho. It's all been done before. Veteran acts can cheat, steal and kill and be absolved, but newer acts don't get the same respect. Note this is not to compare CB with ElD on any plane (be it musically or legally), but just a general observation. It doesn't take away from their musical contributions, but the treatment of one versus the other does raise an eyebrow.
    A lot of the backlash against CB stems from his public comments, videos, and overall reaction from OK. I'll give you that. Let's say they had YouTube and Twitter back during El's heyday, before his last DV incident, but during the time, oh, when he was running wild on drugs and planting his seed across the 48 continental states. What would be some of the things that fall out of his mouth, and what would folks say about him?

  8. I do not want this comment thread to take away from this post's contents. I will, however, say this re: Chris Brown and El Debarge's checkered pasts:
    First of all, I never ever liked Chris Brown. Many of my friends like/liked him. Many people who's musical taste I value like/liked him. I just never did. When the fiasco surrounding the domestic violence surfaced, I, too, was fresh from dealing with something similar and in the same city. I'm not as young as Rihanna, nor am I an international superstar with scores of fans who are children. The whole incident played out in the media and, if this would have been another time--say 1983--the insatiable gossip brokers would not have followed every poor choice that both Rihanna and Chris Brown made.
    As far as El Debarge is concerned, I am also very familiar with his legal troubles, not limited to illicit drug use and domestic violence. Given that his issues played out in the media on a very miniscule level compared to Chris Brown's, the worldwide impact, and especially to children, was not the same.
    Do not get me wrong: I am the last person to want to forgive someone for domestic violence. But at this point in my life what sticks with me are the images I saw of Rihanna all bruised, beaten, and bitten. I don't know what El's victims looked like. I do know that regarding the both of them, I have moved on. I care about El on a level insofar as I love his music. He may be a dick in person. Who knows. I've never met him. But Chris Brown never resonated with me and as far as his actions during a heated argument, if Rihanna has moved on, then so have I.

  9. Seeing this gets me so excited. He is such a true inspiration to all people. I can't wait for this to drop. Seeing him at the awards show made me damn near faint....We are so happy to have him back where he is supposed to be....GO, EL!

  10. I'm so glad that El did not fall into the trap of having to sound like all these other people. Purely good music. I'm 16 years old and all I listen to is GOOD music, unfortunately most of it comes from the past. I'm so glad to have the DeBarge name back on the scene. Plus Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis 🙂 whooohoo.

  11. I've love El. It's amazing how much of a physical impact the drug use had on him. I know some of it's "natural aging", but a sizable extent is drugs. Anyway, can't wait to get the new CD 🙂

  12. to casual observer, i too have caught up with el debarge's personal troubles. though the media spotlight and over-exposure of chris brown's personal life has much to do w/ the public reaction to him, he himself has had an active role as far as self-presentation in the media sphere, where he engaged the public in his own terms ("can't be underground mixtape artist", etc.) - and the public have reacted to him accordingly. so i disagree that he is a purely and thoroughly sacrificial lamb of the media - especially not in the age where his own remarks can reach the public in unadulterated forms like long-winded radio interview and twitter. he is not a faraway, mysterious figure like michael jackson, of whom media could spin lies, myths, and distortions without the public fact-checking easily.
    as for debarge, while it is not to excuse any of his personal travails, he has handled his demons nearly the exact opposite way of brown: debarge simply disappeared into the stupor of his own addiction. he dug his own hole "deeper & deeper" so to speak, building on all those "life dealt me consistently bad hands" bullet points you listed, while adding it to his own extremely poor choices. debarge differs in that, while he too has led rather toxic personal life like brown and even has people too enamored with his physical and musical attributes making excuses for him, NONE of these were parlayed IMMEDIATELY & aggressively into a "forgive & forget" dog and pony show ADDRESSED TO THE PUBLIC. in fact debarge has felt something like enormous sense of personal shame as a F-up & FAILURE, that he disappeared from the scene for a good 16 years (as far as major releases.)
    i think there are numerous factors at play here, beyond the "media put brown under microscope", that explains these various contradictions and probably multiple standards affecting people's judgment of both men.

  13. El, I'm so proud of you!
    You sound and look wonderful.
    You are changing you life around and showing the world that you are
    back and ready for what ever comes your way.
    You also inspire people who been through the same things you have
    to make a change it's hard but you did it.
    El, if you ever feeling unhappy about anything turn to God, your family,
    and your fans we all love you.
    Also I hope your new album does wonderful and all the ones after it.