Green Tea Shows Off Her ‘Superman’

WARNING: If you are not in the mood to see real-life lovers grinning, giggling and basically enjoying their love thang on camera, turn away, don't push play and proceed to the next post.

Green Tea debuts her first video from her mixtape, Beautiful Weirdo, showcasing for all the world to see just why she thinks her man, emerging author Tron Mason, is THE man, her "Superman" to be exact. Shot in home-video styled images that are shaky, sometimes fuzzy, yet always intimate, the video for "Superman" is an unexpected glimpse into Green Tea's relationship while the vocal soundtrack fits perfect over a very familiar and very appropriate Outkast track, "Prototype." Green Tea's vocals are breathy and more subdued on this track when compared to her typical style, but the change is most fitting for a song that speaks about the ultimate lover who matches her on all levels. While the words "adorable" and "cute" may come to mind when watching the video, the song's lyrics bring a sexy edge that will encourage you to check out the rest of the mixtape's offerings, which we told you about earlier this year.

So, if you kept reading and you're up for the love fest at hand, by all means, push play and enjoy.

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  1. A brother and a sister in love. A beautiful thing. Refreshing to see black folks in love without over dramatizing the sexual aspect of being in love. Sweet video.


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