Janelle Monáe Is Moved By Her Own Album

I had the privilege of seeing Janelle Monáe perform last week and was excited even more by her music. This is a short video where she makes it very clear that she is just as moved by her own music as most of us. Even when hitting the major talking points that she's hit before, she's kind of hypnotic. The way she says "you will be transformed" does not sound like a threat. It sounds like a promise. [H/T: OKP]


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    Rock on J, the force is strong with us LOL!

  2. I am one of her biggest Stans. But doesn't she look like one of the kids from Imature or the start of some Nickolodeon show in this interview?

  3. Very funny interview. She's touched by musical genius and possibly a little lunacy too (world needs more of it), and yes, there's a song on that album that made me sob while others made me squeal like an electrified Lemur! I think she's truly wonderful. I do.