Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Holding You Down’

Basically, the more Jazmine Sullivan the better. It seems like far too long to have gone waiting for some new material after her SoulBounce approved debut Fearless. "Holding You Down (Goin' In Circles)" has a mish-mash of samples, opening with her singing a twist on Mary J. Blige's "Be Happy." Smokily. Huskily. Note: her voice is just so remarkable. It takes this extremely radio-ready song to a different level than if it was recorded by one of her less vocally endowed contemporaries (of which there are far too many). She has the maturity and talent to not be swallowed by the heavy production. More Jazmine, please. 

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9 Responses

  1. Man I actually heard this on the radio yesterday and fell in love.

  2. yea, I heard this yesterday & I ran it back like 3 times in a I'm loving this song, & I love Jazzy.

  3. Jazzy gets hip hop soul. I had to listen to it twice, because the first time I gave it a kanyeshrug.

  4. Ok track. I just can never get over how much this photo does not look like her. She's a lovely girl, dont know why they killed her look in promos.

  5. Do a slow burn, lungs-open, hold the note forever, whisper when it hurts, ballad Jazzy. You can do it. And not many of your contemporaries can.

  6. But when will this song be released. Can't find it on amazon or iTunes

  7. i love this song. Anything that these 2 do i love it!!!

  8. Ok the song was good unttill I herd the beat she took the beat of nases song if u don't belive me look it up on youtube. Nas affermitive action.



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