Maxwell Will Deliver ‘Summers’ Next Winter

So much for thinking that we'd get a new Maxwell album this year. Despite the best of intentions to release three albums in three years, with blackSUMMERS'night originally scheduled to drop at some point this summer, it just aint gonna happen. With the success of current single "Fistful Of Tears," it only made sense for the second album in the thrillogy to get pushed back to give BLACK more time to make it do what it do. So instead of rocking to some new Maxwell this summer, we'll have to wait until next winter to get any fresh grooves from the sexy soulman. As of right now, SUMMERS' is scheduled to be released in February 2011, but write that on your calendars in pencil. We love you, Maxwell, but we know how you do with release dates. Why do you think we created the tag "where is your album"?

Since we get to spend some more time with BLACK, do you think that Maxwell should release anymore singles from the album? Personally, I always thought that "Stop The World," which made my 2009 best of list, or "Love You" should have been released as singles. It's not too late. If pop tart Rihanna can release a new single every week, then surely we can get a couple more--and their accompanying videos--from Maxwell to tide us over until next year.

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! *faints and falls into the earth's core*
    That said...Stop the World should definitely be a single...

  2. Here we go again....*sigh*

  3. I can live with that ... this brother's been touring a lot so I can let this slide. I'm looking forward to it though.

  4. Stop the world is a good one. In fact great one.
    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  5. I dont think we'll be seeing the second album for a while...Dude isnt previewing any new songs on this tour which makes me wonder if anything is even ready from the second installation or he has decided to redo. Makes no sense to me to keep releasing singles from Black. There are only 8 songs...and everybody's got the album.
    Love Max, but no breath will be held for the next album.I expect another disappearing act.

  6. And might I add, its all love if he does disappear again. He doesn't owe anybody anything and should do what he feels good doing.

  7. i can't stop listening to playing possum...i know it's not a "single" sounding cut, but damn, that is my jam.

  8. i agree with moetownslick, playing possum has always resonated with me. its so delciously meloncoly. but i wouldnt minde seeing a stop the world video, preferably with me as the leading lady. but damn next year for summer???

  9. Dang it! It's funny everyone is mentioning Stop the World b/c I played that this morning on my way into work and was wondering when he'd be dropping SUMMER. I thought maybe he'd push it to July after his tour, but next winter?! boo...hiss!!!! oh wells.... still love him though!

  10. I can't add anything but love to the discussion. Maxwell's next two albums are already done. What's holding up the release dates is that Black is still doing so well.
    I agree with most of you, I would love to see Stop the World released as a single. Although I think the video for Fist Full of Teas is OK, I would live something a little more lush and colorful for Stop the World - just my opinion and vision.
    Love Maxwell - can't wait to see him when he comes to DC.


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