Maxwell Cancels Summer Tour Dates. Are Jill & Erykah To Blame?

If you haven't had a chance to catch Maxwell on his current tour, there's a chance you may have to wait until next year to do so. That's because the sexy crooner just announced that he is postponing a portion of his summer tour until 2011. While his label insists that the cancellations are due to venue scheduling conflicts, the internet rumor mill is swirling with reports that he pulled out due to conflicts with co-headliners Jill Scott and Erykah Badu, who both performed on selected tour dates. Word on the street has it that Maxwell allegedly became upset about both ladies running over their allotted performance time, thus cutting into his stage time. Although Badu's camp has yet to address the issue, Scott's publicist released a statement on Wednesday, saying, "Jill has enjoyed every moment on stage with Maxwell, whom she calls a consummate gentleman tour mate. She looks forward to sharing the tour with the tour with all of the supportive followers." The tour's last stop will be a two-night stand in NYC on June 25th with Jilly and the 26th with Badu. LiveNation will issue refunds to ticket holders of the postponed dates. We really hope the rumor mill is wrong on this one!


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  1. Just proves my theory.......Only a obvious gay dude wouldnt wanna hangout with two fine ass women:-)

  2. THIS JUST IN........................Reliable sources say the real beef started when Maxwell caught Ms. Badu using his lip gloss and eyeliner. More news at 7:-)

  3. @stoney island you aint shit
    but i bet erykah was going past her time on purpose lol

  4. Well damn!! On the real "venue schedule" is such a lame excuse all that is mapped out before dates are even announced..

  5. Aww man... ;_; Dah well. I guess I'll catch the fabulosity next year.
    P.S.: @stoneyisland: I don't understand how someone's sexuality coincides with the topic at hand. *shrugs*
    Carry on SB. No feeding the trolls. 😉

  6. Luther Vandross' bitch battles with Anita Baker and En Vogue anyone? LMAO!!!!!!!!!

  7. AND ... Why he even has these two on his bill anyway is beyond me. He has enough material and stage presence to carry a show himself. I saw him back in the fall when he was out with Common and Chrisette (and years ago on the Hang Suite tour) and while they were great, they were not really needed. Take a page out of Madonna's book and do it solo - no openers!

  8. So glad i got to see them while the getting was good.

  9. saw Jill and Maxwell on saturday in Atl, and they KILLED IT! very sad this tour is ending early, it was worth the money 🙂

  10. hmmm....i'm not sure if i buy this theory. when they were here in Chicago, Maxwell asked us to "give it up for Miss Jill Scott" no less than five or six times during his the point that it annoyed me and i was there to see HER and not him, lol.

  11. Weren't the dates that are being canceled supposed to be with Melanie Fiona though? So what would Jill and/or Erykah have to do with that decision? It doesn't add up. Sounds like gossip to cause unwarranted drama.

  12. With all honesty, I'm beginning to believe Stoneyisland owns a blog that posts very unpopular articles on Black celebs who are doing well/doing positive stuff in the community.
    I do not recall Stoneyisland making ANY positive comment about an artist that brings the positive. Always reveling in the unfortunate, just like that blogher I am connecting with Stoneyisland.
    Prove me wrong if I'm indeed wrong. I've noticed a clear pattern in your word choice & sentence construction. You do sound eerily familiar. You must be that unpopular blogger.

  13. I heard that he was cancelling to work on his next album. I really don't understand why he would stop a money train like this. Majority if not all of his shows were sold out. All of them are great performers, it just doesn't make sense. Well I'm glad I was able to see them in ATL. Loved it. This is bad for him to end it.

  14. Im really disappointed that SB is repeating this gossip nonesense. I first found SB based on something Maxwell related.
    As mentioned below he is completing the dates for his tour that were scheduled with Scott. He isnt canceling a thing with her, he is canceling the second leg which was with Melanie Fiona and Estelle. This is all so simple to verify so it really doesn't make sense to keep repeating plain old lies and gossip. I thought SB was better than this.

  15. And might I add, I hope SB nor any of the other sites participating in this type of slander/undermine act put out when he disappears again or doesn't put out an album. Its a wonder these artists bother to keep going with all of the negativity.

  16. Xaraz, that you would follow me, exhaustingly researching any and every post of mine, proves one point. A) you have way too much time on your hands and B) you sound like a possible stalker. So you and all your cyber thugs can go jump off a cliff, building or any high object that will cause permanent disfiguring injuries. As the great poet laureate Rudy Ray Moore said " I am what I am, and I am the very best of what I am, and for those who dont like it, I could confidentially not GIVE A DAMN! THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME BE MYSELF.................that said I didnt know Mcdonalds allowed employees to surf the web during work hours, please log off and get back to your station the drive thru window is backed up.

  17. StoneyIsland, oh, poor you, bruised ego and all after your cover's been blown and you're so unable to handle the truth. Would be nice if you could try to be civil and not so hateful. Apparently you're in denial of some hard hitting facts about your personality. You may want to blame it on a childhood gone wrong or some of life's best moments giving you the cold shoulder BUT...'s pointless & very uncivilized to take it out on people who've done you no harm. Artists need us as much as we need them. If you've got nothing good to say about the, please just click away and visit another site or listen to another artist.
    Stalk you? Nada! LOL! I tried tolerating your venom for far too long & would appreciate it if you take the bow & come back normal like a regular person. It's never too late. Deuces, I'm out!

  18. This post sounds very suspect. Source of this rumor? Any links?
    Come on SB, let's continue to keep it classy..ish.

  19. Come on Xarax, spill it!
    Who is the mean angry closeted queen, Stoneyisland?

  20. Xaraz got owned. Sorry Xaraz. I thought Stony Island was mad funny with his comments. LOL.
    But anyhuu. That sucks - I was hoping I would see these cats maybe. JUST MAYBE. But oh well. As for the reasoning behind all of, it could be a rumor. There's probably more to it cause there's always more to it, they aren't obligated to explain anything really.

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    I saw the concert in Oakland and admit I only stayed to see Miss Scott. Her performance was just 80 minutes (wished he could have been double that). She left the stage, lights up, stage hands started getting the set ready for Maxwell. I have heard this from other concerts as well. I am not sure if this was an equal bill concert, since Miss Scott is A STAR but if it wasn't Maxwell should have made up his mind as to "ladies first" or "men first" can't have it both ways. Time to grow up.

  22. I agree; stoneyisland is madd disrespectful. A hater hiding behind a keyboard. Not good at all. I'm just saying.