Morning Soul: She’s Got The Boogie Fever

  • The cover to Fantasia's new album, Back to Me, is airbrushed to silky, Glamour Shots-like perfection. [C+D]
  • Amy Winehouse was sippin that yak...again, but her new boo urged her to go back to rehab...again. [DL]
  • Glee's Lea Michele will play Dorothy in a 3-D sequel of The Wizard of Oz called, naturally, Dorothy of Oz. The movie will also star a bunch of old, albeit brilliant, white dudes. [E!]
  • Trey Songz and Monica are hitting the road together for the "Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tour". [TRU]

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2 Responses

  1. I'm a little peeved with the C+D article that makes fun of Fantasia's recent attainment of her high school diploma by crossing out the words: "Your Baby Can Read flash cards." Not cool. We should be celebrating the fact that even with all her fame & success, she achieved that personal goal; which sets a great example for her daughter & millions of other young people.
    Although the airbrushed removal of her tattoos was on the grounds of ridicule, I just feel a lot of times people unnecessarily poke & prod until it goes overboard. In turn, it makes them look like the ones who need to reevaluate their perspective(s).

  2. I think the "cleaned up" Fantasia cover looks nice becuse tends to look rather like a ghetto queen typically. I do, however, recognize her accomplishment.
    MORE IMPORTANTLY, THANKS for digging up the old Sylvers video. So sadly underappreciated by us. Watching the choreography brought a pleasant tear to my eye.