Musiq Honors Frankie Beverly & Marvin Gaye With Some ‘Silky Soul’

I don't know what rock I was under to have missed the release of Musiq's video for "Silky Soul,"  but thanks to watching endless hours of VH1 Soul this past weekend I got to see it a few times. A track from last year's excellent Silky Soul Music: An All-Star Tribute to Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly, Musiq vocally did his duty in paying homage to both Frankie Beverly and Marvin Gaye, who the song was originally written about, and the video reps for both with its throwback vibe. Musiq and his tuxedoed four-piece band perform the song on a '60s-styled variety show, which is funny to me since Maze released "Silky Soul" the song and album of the same name in 1989. Nonetheless, this is a pretty good video for a very enjoyable song that will have you wanting to find a dance partner to step with ASAP. 

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6 Responses

  1. We must have been under the same rock! Thanks for this.

  2. Oooh, this is real nice for the summer!

  3. What, man that was one of the hottest cd's out last year. i wish they would go ahead and do more tributes like this, Pattie still alive, Stephanie mills, etc. we need to give these artist their roses while they are still here, please it gives the new artist the chance to show their loves for the real school, because without their music, there would be nothing to sample, nothing to recreate from, and if they can pull it off, we will really know who's got talent

  4. This is fly.

  5. As I am a big Maze fan the first verse was dedicated to Marvin and the second to Jackie Wilson.

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