Naughty By Nature ‘Gotta’ Come Better Than This

Add Naughty By Nature's name to the growing list of throwback hip hop acts who are trying to regain their place in the rap game. Unfortunately, the only thing I want to do with their new song "I Gotta Lotta" and its accompanying video is throw it back to wherever it came from. It's not exactly hot garbage, but it stinks despite the Method Man sample that caught my ears. But by the "I got Henny, I got sizzurp" chorus, Treach, Vin Rock and Kay Gee lost me, and by the time Treach started rapping about all his bitches, I had pretty much stopped listening and watching and went back to checking my SPAM folder. This is a disappointing return from the group that brought us the classics "O.P.P.," "Hip Hop Hooray" and "Uptown Anthem." Maybe the other songs that will appear on their new album, Anthem Inc., will be better than this downgrade. 

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5 Responses

  1. Butta I have to agree with you. This isnt lead single material by any stretch. The hook is terrible, so not what Naughty use to be about. Nothing sadder then watching a group you use to ride and die for fall off so damn hard.............................NBN needs to go back to the lab and get something catchy and radio friendly or at a minimum head non worthy, or this comeback will be over before it starts.

  2. Da hell? Pepa, come and get yo ex!!

  3. No,just no. lol

  4. Naughty By Nature, sit ya'll old asses down somewhere!
    This is what you come up with after all this time? Really?!?
    "I got Henny, I got sizzurp, I got (inaudible rambling), I got izzerb" Please stop the madness!
    Sad thing is, lyrically Treach is hot. His ability and talent is still there, it's evidenced on his weaving of words. It's the content, and whole contrived nature of this song that sucks. The beat...wack too. The video just punctuated this comeback FAIL!

  5. what song are you listening to??? this is HOT!!
    it's classic naughty in the vein of Dirt all by my lonely and craziest..
    the beat is SICK, this is EXACTLY what Naughty was always about "I got goons in the hood with cases, cone head hoodies and they rock screw faces????"
    thias sounds like something that could have been on the dirt all by my lonely album....
    I wonder if your ears are too clogged with all the crap that is out here.. be it 808 southern, or backpack rhodes and guitar philly style neo soul- sleepfest-hip hop.
    take another listen, and hear it for what it is..street music,


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