Prince To Reign On The BET Awards

Prince fans have a good reason to tune in to the BET Awards this year. That's because the show, which marks its 10th anniversary this year, will present the Purple One with the Lifetime Achievement Award. With the award, Prince joins the group of elite past honorees that includes Whitney Houston, Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown, the Isley Brothers, Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Al Green and The O'Jays. "We are humbled that Prince will be our Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Genre smasher, virtuoso musician, one of the most emotional singers of all time; words are too weak to describe just what he means to our culture," said BET's President of Programming, Music and Specials Stephen G. Hill. This may just give us a reason to check out the BET Awards 2010 when it broadcasts live June 27th from Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium at 8 pm ET. While it's hard to believe that it has taken BET a full decade to get around to honoring Prince, we suppose it's good all the same.

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7 Responses

  1. this will be the only reason I decide to watch this show this year!

  2. The question is who will BET get to honor Prince? The Dream,Rihanna,etc I see a train wreck in the making unless BET add some star power The Time,Sheila E,Chaka,Larry Graham..........

  3. I'm with you @soulzkidd.
    I'm scurred to see who they'll get to honor him. If the line up is good, that will be the only reason to tune in after 5 years. lol
    *Shivers at the thought of Beiber, The Dream, Rihanna, Keri Hilson, etc... honoring him*

  4. "While it's hard to believe that it has taken BET a full decade to get around to honoring Prince, we suppose it's good all the same."
    um, do you see the 9 names in bold...
    @soulzkidd probably bey, alicia, usher etc

  5. Glad they're doing this now.
    And not after he's no longer with us.
    Should have changed it for MJ last year.
    I'm sure Prince had a hand in picking those performing for him.

  6. Yea, a Prince tribute would be the only reason I'd try to tune into the BET awards this year, but like soulzkidd says...who is gonna be there to pay tribute? The Dream singing Falsetto? Trey Songz singing one of his not so subtle sex songs?? Ugggggh. I hope these arent the only tricks BET has up their sleeves to honor the Purple One himself. I agree with 2damnfunny, maybe Prince told BET in his low deep tone of voice exactly who he wanted to see paying tribute to him. I hope so!
    Hopefully, they do a nice piece on this man's phenomenal career.

  7. i know patti labelle is singing to prince he wrote 3 songs for her. love 89 yo mister and I hear your voice, chaka might be there too