Some Theme Music For Obama When He Finds Which ‘Ass To Kick’

Music is so necessary amidst the madness that is taking place currently in the United States with the BP oil well explosion and subsequent oil leak that has dumped millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf, affecting the Louisiana area and surrounding states. President Barack Obama's recent comments about finding who is responsible for the oil fiasco so he will know "whose ass to kick" has only added to the media frenzy while the impact of the oil continuing to pour out of the well grows dizzying. Commentators point out that we have not yet felt the full brunt that the spill will have on our health, food availability and travel options.

After the bounce

Feeling depressed yet? If so, you need to check out this video featuring Lenny Kravitz and Mos Def and their creative collabo with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band where they do what few other mainstream artists have been seen doing yet--using their art to actually speak about what is happening right here in the US this very second. You may have caught it already on YouTube when it leaked in May, but regardless, peep it again. The song, written for Gulf Aid, a fundraising effort to aid those affected in the Gulf, was performed last month in a benefit for the Gulf Aid: Concert for the Coast, which raised $300,088.65 to be distributed in the coming weeks to families and businesses impacted by the spill. The concert was produced by Rehage Entertainment, producer of the Voodoo Experience and the Essence Music Festival.

The hour-long benefit concert featured John LegendAni Difranco, the aforementioned Kravitz and Mos and numerous others. While concert-goers stood through torrential rains to be at there, those at home could warmly watch it when it aired on Fuse a few weeks ago. If you missed it, don't fret. You will soon be able to purchase this tune and others from the concert on iTunes and can still donate to help folks make it through this growing crisis. To continue to help, donations can be made by texting GULFAID with a space followed by the amount you want to contribute to 27138.

Gulf Aid [Official][Twitter]

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3 Responses

  1. Being a NOLA native, I really appreciate this. That was a nice touch to a jlocal azz classic...

  2. Thanks for this, SoulBounce. This whole BP oil spill makes me as sick in my heart as the aftermath of Katrina. I'm a NOLA native, too, and the daughter of a musician, so I really appreciate the remake of the song. I hope Smokey Johnson, the man who originally wrote "It Ain't My Fault," has seen it; he used to be the drummer for Fats Domino, and is now in a wheelchair living in Musicians Village in the upper Ninth Ward. This is art truly serving its purpose: to comment on the issues of today.

  3. Love what Mos does on this track. Great way to pay homage and shed some light on the disaster in the Gulf.
    Mod needs to put out a blues-hop album.