SoulBounce’s Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #49 ‘The Girl Is Mine’ Feat. Paul McCartney

Don't waste your time

Because the doggone girl is mine


There's just something about a good old-fashioned battle for the heart that draws me
to a song. Maybe it's the drama queen in me, but a little conflict or tug-of-war for love
is a recipe for a hit in my book. How can we forget Brandy and Monica's 1998 chart
topper, "The Boy is Mine," where we found the two ladies vying for the attention from
the same guy. But 16 years before Brandy and Monica vocally duked it out, the King
of Pop
and a former Beatle set the precedent. In fact, both ladies would admit that
their mega-hit was inspired by Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney's "The Girl Is Mine."

When MJ and Paul first
released "The Girl is Mine," elementary school-me swooned at the idea of two "boys"
trying to out-sing each other for my attention. And boy did these guys sing. From the
way that Mike managed to sound both soft and forceful at the same time, to Sir Paul
tapping in to his more soulful side, "The Girl is Mine" epitomized the ultimate love-battle
royale. Everyone else seemed to love it, too, as the first single released from Thriller,
climbed to the #2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, while also advancing to the top
of R&B Singles chart. So whether or not you loved the conflict or simply just loved
the tune, "The Girl is Mine" will always be one of Michael Jackson's most memorable songs.

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney: "The Girl Is Mine"

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13 Responses

  1. Damn I had forgot about this joint, I was thinking say say say when I say mike featuring paul:-)

  2. Michael - 'I'm a lover not a fighter'
    Love that line.

  3. My Unpopular Opinion:
    I always thought Sir Paul outsang Mike on this cut.

  4. Uh, why isn't this in at least the Top 20? The Girl Is Mine is straight on the Al Jarreau, easy listening smooth tip. Leave Me Alone beat this out??? Seriously?

  5. Oh here we go...
    @FireMadeFlesh: Top 20? This song? Naw, bruh. Not even. It is where it is for a reason. The end.

  6. Forgive me for say this, but why I just thought about that wack rap group from the flick "Brown Sugar" when I saw this song? ROTFLMAO!

  7. Butta, please know that I'm not "tryin' to be starting something" with you, okay? (bad joke, I know)--but ain't you s'pose to be giving a play-by-play of the BET Awards or somethin'? lol. It's an opinion--and a pretty valid one at that. Don't dismiss me.
    Anyway, we can agree to disagree. I guess it all depends on what memories you have tied to which song. This is at least a Top 20-25 for ME.--And yeah, I know it's not the FireMadeFlesh Countdown, it's SB's, but I'm just sayin'...#49...really??..Where's the justice? So there. ;P

  8. FireMadeFlesh...........What in the hell are you talking about? This song is great, but Top 20? You buggin'. Anyone with a real knowledge of Michael's crazy extensive catologue wouldn't put this song in the Top 20. Come on, I can probably name 50 of his songs that are better than this for different But damn, I'm listening to it now & I LOVE THIS SONG!

  9. @Eddie Adams
    Oh, I get it. So the only way to get your point across is to devalue my knowledge of MJ's catalogue? Seriously? If that's the way you debate, then your point is lost. I'm really not on here to make enemies & I don't appreciate the dismissive tones of some of you guys' arguments. It's AN OPINION. Do we all still know what that means?
    As I said before, we can agree to disagree on the placement, but that in no way justifies someone suggesting "You don't know MJ like I know MJ." As unpopular of an opinion as it may be, I just think that Leave Me Alone shouldn't have beat this out. Take it or leave it. Most of you choose to "leave it" & that's cool, but dually note that I'm not knocking your love for MJ or your knowledge of his catalogue in the process.
    Really people, we should be above that.

  10. aight, my bad....your're right. I'm sorry. But come on. Can u really name 30 or so better songs from him that this is better than?.....just a yes or no answer would be fine because I dont want you to name mad songs & kinda take away from the excitement of this

  11. @FireMadeFlesh: OK, that comment about the BET Awards did make me LOL. Good one.
    I'm sure if you ask 50 different people to name their top 50 MiJac songs that you'll get 50 different answers. People connect with music and musicians in different ways. One man's jam is another man's song that he hates cause that was his ex-wife's favorite song. LOL Who knows? We all have our reasons and this countdown is the collective effort of 6 people with different opinions who were able to come together to compile a list that we think best honors the greatest to ever do it.

  12. I think this is a god awful piece of music. Completely devoid of any ounce of emotion and I'm surprised it made the list at all. I don't even think its representative of anything about Mike other than his strange penchant to revere his idols almost uncritically. The only thing that comes across in this song is Mike's pure joy at Paul McCartney's co-signing of his genius. That alone means nothing to me as a listener.

  13. @Butta
    lol. Agreed.
    @Eddie Adams
    No. lol. Happy? (j/k)


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