The Roots Will Bring You Joy On This ‘Day’

This is the first time in a long time that I can honestly say that I am equally or just as excited as I was when The Roots  released Things Fall Apart. I'm not going to argue with anyone about this since we already hashed that out years ago. The main issue is that I am really feeling every track that I have heard so far from How I Got Over, which dropped on iTunes and Amazon today, and it's already looking as though the critics are loving it, too. Blu and Phonte, both featured prominently on this album, and of course Black Thought showcase their rhyme skills expertly on "The Day." Patty Crash's hook seems misplaced until it suddenly melds perfectly into a nicely done introspective track. 

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  1. No doubt I am scooping this joint up when it drops. I have had all I can take of wack rappers and senseless rhythms. Thank God for the Roots.....................

  2. This song is a true inspiration...
    This album should be great...

  3. The Roots bore me sometimes staying in their lane so much, but they're so damn good at it. Still waiting for Black to publicly unleash hell on all wack rappers but it'll probably never happen.

  4. I'm a lover, not a hater so take this in the spirit of wanting more:
    The Roots will always be one album away from greatness. The old adage "they do what they do well" is a cop out. As musicians it seems that they refuse to stretch beyond the playing "nice grooves" behind a good lyricist. I hear more musical curves on a Rheem Devaughan CD than on a Roots record.
    I'm not saying they should break out like The Mahavishnu Orchestra and "show off". But how many times can you say "they are soo much better live" or "when they backed up so and so... they turned it out." The Roots are great at the rope a dope. When are they gonna throw a knockout punch. I know they are MORE than capable.

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    I have to agree with both Jay and Hooded Monk. they don't take many risks with their sound, say like an OutKast but they are more than capable..the Roots are Hip Hops standard house band which is dope but yes I feel they could do so much more!

  6. Interesting take on things @hoodedmonk.
    I think the roots are still putting out more musically advanced/complex stuff than most other mainstream artists, but that said you've got a point. I think their shows are always gonna have more of a wow factor...that's how it is w/ most musicians.
    I don't wanna say you have to dumb down on an album, but you have to focus on clarity. I think there's strength in silence and even though the Roots could be jamming in 5/8 and hitting ridiculous riffs all over the place, I'm glad they don't. Sometimes you just want something to vibe to. Silence can be a note

  7. I am so feeling this track! I love the Roots but I definitely agree with both Jay and Hooded Monk. I have wanted more on many occassions but, I can't say they have ever let me down with what I have been given.