We Never Thought ‘Ren & Stimpy’ Could Sound Like This

Since discovering #TVThemesFlipped Vol. 1, I've been doing a bit of digging on producer Custiss King's Bandcamp page. I quickly stumbled onto the similarly themed Snick @ Nite and found a flipped version of the Ren & Stimpy theme song. Unlike the straight beats that comprise the #TVThemesFlipped compilation, this track featuring Pheo and Ramone Jones really, really knocks. If this isn't a prime example of ingenuity being born from great minds and a ton of imagination, then I don't know what is. See what I mean once you press play below.  

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6 Responses

  1. This is a 90skds DREAM. Hearing this I was immediately interested; then, I spotted the tracklist. I was sold on "We All That." I can't wait to bump this all summer long.

  2. Creative. I'm gonna check out more of his music, just to see if he did anything with the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" song!

  3. Yeah, I did the same thing when I stumbled upon Curtiss King. That "Family Ties" flip was NASTY! My faves from the Snick album are "We All That" and the "Doug Interlude." I'm still waiting on a Eureka's Castle, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and the quintessential classic..Rugrats flip.

  4. I'm downloading his entire discography now. It's fiyah.

  5. This is dope! Downloading now!


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