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Hate on me if you want, but I think this is going to be last D'Angelo post I write for a while. At least until I write the words "D'Angelo's new album ________ will be dropping ________." I got all excited when he dropped "1000 Deaths" back in February. But seriously, if I read one more article about how good he looks now or how he's working really hard--pause--on some magical new album that supposedly will plug the hole in the Gulf that BP cannot or prevent gingivtis, I am going to scream. Did you hear that? It was me, yelling at the top of my lungs. D'Angelo apparently has been "in the kitchen and [is] cooking up something real nice." Great. Let me know when it's ready, not before. Until then, I'm gearing up for this.

"D'Angelo Finally Speaks! 'I'm Cookin' Up Somethin' Real Nice'"

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2 Responses

  1. What about "Interpretations: Remakes"?

  2. yeah he's cooking up something alright....from the look of him it's a whole ham, potato salad and a upside down cake:-)


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