Cover Artwork For Kanye West’s ‘Power’ Shows Him Powerless

Of course, the cover art for limelight craving and perpetually tormented star Kanye West's single "Power" would feature a disembodied head--crown still tightly affixed--with a sword jabbed into its ear. Why not? It invites questioning and looks dope. The striking image is by New York-based artist George Condo, whose work with Kanye continues his interest in fashion/film/fine art/pop crossover collaborations. Remember his Graduation album artwork by Takashi Murakami? Or that wild listening party/performance with Vanessa Beecroft? What are your takes on the meaning, fellow Bouncers? Or is it just not that deep?

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7 Responses

  1. You know, I like the cover.
    The cover exhibits exactly how I feel about Kanye and someone that artist was able to read my mind and design this cover accordingly.

  2. maybe he is saying the power went to his head....and killed him?

  3. maybe he is saying the power went to his head....and killed him?

  4. Makes no sense but I stoped trying to understand him a long time ago. Just too annoying.

  5. The cover art takes on a different meaning for me. I think it may represent the death of the pretentious, egotistical Kanye. Case in point, his behavior at the 2010 BET Awards. He opened the show and we didn't see or hear him for the rest of the night.

  6. LOL!!!!! Kanye is so extreme, but it is a powerful image.

  7. I hope he doesn't stop having his ego. It was always funny.
    "I used to be a super producer... Now, I'm just super.