Come Ride Shotgun In Rick Ross’ ‘Maybach’

I've never had anything against Rick Ross. I wouldn't be able to name one of his songs even if I tried, but I am well-acquainted with T.I., Jadakiss and Erykah Badu. Since I'll never rule out listening to anything, I gave "Maybach Music III" a shot, especially since I knew Erykah would be lending her vocals to this track. I must say that the smoothness of this song reminds me a lot of the smoothed out menage formed by a-then-known-as P. Diddy, Eightball & MJG and Faith Evans. It's definitely repeat-worthy and worth taking a listen. Trust me and press play below. Bawse.

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7 Responses

  1. I'm normally not a fan of something so blatantly materialistic...especially when most of these rappers are renting these cars/jewelry/etc.
    ...But my pandering aside...this joint is sick. Beat is nasty.

  2. Music covers a multitude of sins.
    ( meaning... great grooves can make ANY idiot sound better)

  3. Did he say "Fillin' b*&ches faces with babies"? Ew.

  4. The beat is hot Erykah Badu is insane the rest is not ..................

  5. I'll pass on this cut. waste of a dope beat in my opinion.

  6. yawn yawn yawn...dope track with toxic lyrics...can we ever elevate and inspire. So tired of corporate mc's. And Erykah...guess she gotta feed them babies, sigh, booooo. Maybach is the new mcdonalds coca-cola endorsement i see

  7. The track is crazy and Erykah sounds good but they are not saying anything worth listening to. I'm just fed up with using "b**ch" as a synonym for "woman." Moving on.


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