‘Don’t U Know’ That Faith Evans Can Do No Wrong

Faith Evans is to SoulBounce what Miss Jenkins was to Benita Butrell on the '90s sketch comedy show In Living Color. Can't nobody say nothing bad about The First Lady. And why would you? She is the truth and her voice is the light. As we impatiently wait for her new album to drop this fall, she's satisfying our musical appetites with not only the first single from the album but also with the song "Don't U Know Me By Now," a cut on Brian Culbertson's recent release, XII. Co-written by Culbertson, Rex Rideout and Natalie Stewart (yes, The Floacist), this tune showcases Faith's buttery smooth vocals on a bed of head-nodding jazzed-up soul. Faith kills this ever-so-softly. If she delivers more music like this on her upcoming album, then it's a foregone conclusion that it'll be in heavy rotation at SBHQ. 

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7 Responses

  1. Great song, but the vocal mix is awful. I wonder if this is unfinished, but it is clear that Faith is almost completely drowned out here.

  2. This is nice! I'm optimistic about Faith's upcoming album.

  3. I like this! This is different for her but it works. Looking forward to hearing more new music from her.

  4. Nice comeback and to think I didnt think she could make decent music without puffy:-)

  5. Wow, love it! Thanks.
    Can't wait for her album too. 🙂

  6. Loves it!! Can't wait to hear more from her this year

  7. Nothing about this song surprises me. If anyone has been 'living under the radar,' it's ms. faith evans. I share the same "don't nobody talk about faith" sentiment that SB does.
    This song is sooo jazzy smooth and I would love to hear more in this vein from Faith. She's amazing.


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