Eric Lau & Friends ‘See’ Our Need For More Great Music

Sometimes our friends from across the pond get the best dibs on new music and this new EP from Eric Lau is no exception. Currently available on Amazon's UK site, those of us wanting to listen to Eric Lau & Friends' See & Understanding in the States are simply out of luck unless you're able to stream it from his Bandcamp page. Keep in mind that some of his "friends" include Szjerdene, Rahel, and producer Floating Points and the EP benefits the Save The Children charity worldwide. We'll be waiting patiently for this to drop over here. Until then, I guess we can be content with these ethereal tunes. 
<a href="">Under Standing (Reprise) by Kilawatt Music</a>

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  1. Sounds interesting. We'll be keeping an eye out for this one...


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