Guess What, Believers Of Chris Brown’s BET Awards Breakdown? You’ve Been Punk’d!

I'm not one to gloat, but, dammit, I love being right. Especially in an instance when people tell me how wrong I am. Such as earlier this week when I questioned the realness of Chris Brown's breakdown while attempting to sing "Man In the Mirror" during his Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards and many jumped to his defense. Well, I don't hate to break it to you folks that evidence is mounting that you all have been punk'd. See, Chris Brown isn't such a bad actor after all.

Word is that an anonymous source who was backstage at the BET Awards has spilled the tea to Us Magazine about Brown's spilled tears.  

Before he took the stage to belt out "Man in the Mirror," a backstage source tells Us one of Brown's bodyguards gave the singer, 21, tear-inducing eye drops...Says the source, "He rubbed it in and he started crying."

Well, I'll be. So those were, in fact, fake tears? To paraphrase the old adage, what's done in the dark--or backstage--eventually comes to light. This revelation comes days after footage surfaced of a brief interview of Lloyd by Rap-Up TV, during which he was asked to give his reaction to Chris Brown's tribute and stated:

I told him, "Man, you gotta go up there and cry. You gotta really show your heart to the world."

Here's the video for good measure. Lloyd speaks around 3:20.

Stick a fork in me, because I'm done. Lloyd's interview slip up was bad enough, but coupled with the eye drops story, I don't need a third strike to rule this dude out. This evidence may not exactly hold up in a court of law, but in the court of my opinion, Chris Brown is guilty as hell. 

In an instance where both BET and Brown could have redeemed themselves--BET for that train wreck of an MJ tribute at their 2009 BET Awards and CB for "The Incident"--this was a miserable fail. Not to say that BET was complicit in perpetrating this fraud, but they did extend the invitation to him to honor MJ so they should have known what they were opening themselves up to.

Unfortunately, the biggest loser in all of this is Michael Jackson. What was supposed to serve as a moment to honor him has turned into The Chris Brown Show. Michael deserved better than that, and that's what angers me the most.

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    Is Soulbounce Chris Browns demo? Does he care what we think?

  2. This post just left a bad taste in my mouth...
    How petty are you to be so hell bent about proving yourself right about chris brown when his music and audience is not even SB's typical fare? This isn't the first time that I've felt SB was super judgmental (not just regarding CB) and operating on some type of self-designated musical hierarchy. Whack music and whack artists don't need to be acknowledge and labeled as such, they do a good enough job of that on their own.

  3. Court of law, court of opinion, it doesn't matter...I think this argument would fail in front of a judge.
    D-List R&B singer with no record label to call home and a history of popping up randomly to comment on situations other than his own (see the incident of him calling Ciara "Hollywood" or something of this nature) says he told dude to cry, on top of an ANONYMOUS source telling Us Weekly, the paragon of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism, that this is what the real deal is?
    Come on. By no means am I Team Breezy, but I still need either a verifiable source, or someone to go on the record, video, SOMETHING. I'm just saying. It's getting a little ridiculous at this point, and a simple link in one of your daily link posts would've sufficed. Reposting content from the gossip rags is venturing into MTO/Bossip territory, and I know SB is better than that.

  4. Nah, girl. I can't buy this one. An anonymous source at B.E.T. and Lloyd are your best sources??
    I don't believe you. You will indeed require more people. I'm gonna suggest either the Solid Gold dancers since we haven't seen them in a while or some White House interns.

  5. i didn't realize that soulbounce became a mere redirect link to
    i thought we were here to talk about good music and not play the role of mythbuster - black gossip rag edition.
    get back on your shit.

  6. He is a performer..I don't know why people expect more or less. I'm glad I haven't seen it. Will still play his music though *kanye shrug*

  7. Soulbounce Crew, I think its time to move on. If you feel so uneasy about Chris Brown, then don't post anything about him. Fake or not, the performance was great and you can't deny that. Give the man his due credit.

  8. This is getting so old. Hollywood Life tweeted behind the scenes at the BET awards and they even posted something on their site:
    US Weekly is full of quotes from "sources". And Lloyd is trying to get some mainstream spotlight so his statement gets a side eye from me. We live in sad state surrounded by people with limited ability to think for themselves. What is Lloyd a svengali? I told him to cry. Damn did he put voodoo on the kid????

  9. There are some strong opinions on this matter & I say whether real tears or not, maybe he does deserve a chance to redeem himself.
    I would not support him, nor have I at any point in the past but Im just saying.
    And Butta you are so on point with "Michael deserved better than that, and that's what angers me the most." Why must MJ be played like a chess game piece to make a "come back."
    The BET awards are so janky.

  10. He is a performer..I don't know why people expect more or less. I'm glad I haven't seen it. Will still play his music though *kanye shrug*

  11. word! @ididntknow

  12. Hey guess what I see you have forgotten what a shitty actor chris brown is...his name isnt denzel washington.

  13. Something fake on B.E.T.? Shocking....

  14. Maybe you need to go to or and read what Stephen Hill said about the matter. Then you can re-write this whole article again.

  15. @anyone, I agree w/you 100%. SB, you've caught our attention w/this Chris Brown nonsense, but let's stick to what matters - the music.

  16. I think the pressure of the year and the lyrics of that song really just resonated. And, as someone who was backstage, there was nothing fake about that. I think there is a US Weekly story today about like his bodyguard gave him something to induce tears. Its just not true. I’ve been around actors who cry and when you fake cry, you don’t get…your throat doesn’t get swollen like it does [when you cry for real]. When he was trying to sing, he couldn’t get anything out. That’s a hard thing to fake. I appreciate people wanting to create controversy, but this guy has gone though a lot this past year, let this emotion be what it is. Everybody comes to the moment where you gotta make that change.

  17. I hate the fact that people will allow their hate for a person to overshadow a true & honest moment like this, enough to attempt to taint it. This moment was real. It's impossible to fake that crying can't sing voice, impossible. Even more-so, Chris Brown sucks as an actor, so if he was faking it would not have been as believable as said moment was. If there was any moment for die-hard Rihanna fans to come up for air & join the rest of the world in an emotional tribute to the greatest entertainer of our time, this what it. but you all missed it.

  18. it seems u have nothin better to do other than just bash chris brown....leave him alone...his tears were REAL and I dont care what people say to me. Chris loved MJ...that was his idol. Its time to forgive and move on. As Mary J. Blige said in her twitter about CB's performace..God is merciful.

  19. LMAO @ PBG... you are so on point with that comment. I was thinking the same thing when I attempted to read this article. I couldn't get pass the second paragraph. Commonsense should've told the writer of the article that people don't like CB, so they're gonna more than likely make up a story, but it seems we had to do that. Anyway, back to what we come on this site for, great MUSIC!!

  20. Butta,
    I'm surprised at you for this one. I'm with the majority on this one. I think these sources are haters (Lloyd, really? Any other time SB would be lampooning this clown, not sourcing him) and that what Chris Brown experienced on stage was real. I think its sad that we've become so cynical that we'd rather believe that this moment was staged than believe we collectively witnessed a young man coming to terms with his own faults and frailties. Even if it was staged, which I don't believe, the calculation reveals that CB knew on some level that he was in need of redemption and that the true judge, jury and executioner for a public figure (outside of God) are his/her fans.

  21. Is this really a story? A quote from some anonymous person back stage, really?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Whether or not this "Witness" account is true there is no way those tears were real....First of all i find it hard to believe Chris Brown was really gonna attempt to sing Man In The Mirror...the song is waaay to big for him....but most of all i just find it extremely hard to believe he couldn't manage to pull himself together enough to get through the song...Even Jennifer Hudson managed to get through her grammy performance which i imagine was a much more difficult thing to pull off....y are people so gullible?

  23. Whether the tears were real or fake, none of us can know and at this point who cares. There is too much good music out there that we should be talking about. And while I understand your annoyance at this becoming more about Chris than Michael, the world should have given him his flowers while he was here. We did him dirty while he was here and now everybody and their mamas want to give him a tribute that he cannot see or enjoy. What is he point of that? I think it's more to make us feel better than anything.

  24. @ me..... Just because Jennifer Hudson pulled herself together doesn't mean anything. No two people are alike, so to compare their emotions doesn't make sense. Everyone knows what CB did was dead wrong, but if Rhianna (the victim) can forgive him, why can't others? He did what the judged ordered him to do and he hasn't gotten in any trouble since. Give the young man a chance....damn! If he f's up again then all of u who hate him can smile and say I told you so. Until then let the man be.

  25. AMEN!!! @ Muse

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    Does the Black Weblog Awards have a "Immature Post of the Year" category? Or how about a "Needlessly Commenting on Some Young Boy When You're Old Enough To Be They Mama" award? Ladies if you want these BWA votes that you've been begging us for, please give the Chris Brown shenanigans a rest.

  27. Wow, Butta. The "I-told-you-so" of a fifth grader. Stay classy, SB.

  28. YAWN. Lol, doesn't change my opinion on the situation.-QH

  29. And, lol, I think you folks took Lloyd's comment WAY out of context. I have to say, no disrespect, as I plan to visit you guys from time to time, you have been removed from the blogroll for this. You guys need to really stop reaching & get some type of perspective, and not just on CB.
    I guess some people love pretentious ranting about classy neo-soul, who knows? Que sera, sera.-QH

  30. So I guess most of you would absolutely hate Best Week Ever's take on this whole Chris Brown Teargate situation, too, huh?
    Feel free to post away in their comments section as well.

  31. I don't see what VH-1's tacky, E! framed mess perspective has to do with SB's supposed classy & intelligent expressions here. Oh wait, you're aren't that far off their totem pool with these type of posts either.
    I guess having everyone agree with what you post most days doesn't prepare you when there are times when others may not agree your stance.
    Humorous I think.

  32. so agree with @anyone and @QH...this was once one my first stops in the blogsphere...but like Ms Rose and visits have become less and less. I love the the new (to me) artist intros...but the sanctimonious my music is so vastly more ......than most people attitude is wearing. Cause I like Beyonce....I can't like Georgia Anne Muldrow....or I listen to Chris B....I cant listen to Eric Roberson? Would be nice of yall to realize that not everyone who visits here is as strict and narrow in their listening habits as the SB Crew seems to be. And bitterness &illogicalness in the last couple post have really left a bad taste in my mouth. El's dv issues are dismissed with a kanye shrug but Chris is the devil....AKeys is celebrated and 'Tasia is ho hummed...if its all about the music lets roll the music....if its about artist as a whole...then at least show a little consistency....i guess its time for me to least for a little while...its been real

  33. (Corrected Version, lol): I don't see what VH-1's tacky, E! framed mess perspective has to do with SB's supposed classy & intelligent expressions here. Oh wait, you aren't that far off their totem pole with these type of posts either.
    I guess having everyone agree with what you post most days doesn't prepare you when there are times when others may not agree your stance.
    Humorous I think.

  34. i feel like all these posts were made by the same person.....a very emo person

  35. Seriously, why are we even discussing Chris Brown? Does anyone in this thread even own an album of his? Enough is enough. Drop it already.

  36. I dont care what you or anyone else tries to tell me about CB's performance..his tears were REAL. People need to stop analyzing things and recoginze that CB loved MJ, and that was his idol. People need to forgive CB and MOVE ON. CB did his thang on the BET awards..

  37. LOL... I told you this was a hater topic when you posted the last CB BET hate article. I have to agree with JazzyJ. I'm not a CB fan(kiddie music). All young men make mistakes, and we eventually learn from them. Youthful mistakes don't define a person. How they respond and mature defines them. Give the guy a break.
    New York women love to kick a brutha when he's down?

  38. I own all three of his albums actually, and the last one was quite promising.-QH

  39. Weak defense, Ill Mami. Posting comments over at VH1 would fall on deaf ears. Part of SB's appeal is the blogger/reader interaction (which is curiously absent from this post.) You gotta come harder than that.
    It's always sad to see a blog alienate its core readership by stirring up controversy for the sake of more hits. Hope it was worth it.

  40. @cjayconrod im with you, i dont even own a cb album and im of similar age, i mean he was hot when he first came out but me and most of my friends are over him *kanye shrug*

  41. Every one of you that commented, read the article or at least thought enough of it to voice your opinion on it. To tell the SB staff to get back to work is a bit much. Since this site is dedicated to REAL soul, I don't think its out of line to call somebody out for perpetrating a fraud. My main thing in this whole situation is why is everybody so quick to embrace this GROWN ASS MAN after doing the moonwalk and shedding some tears. Really? That's all I have to do? When you take things for granted, you deserve to lose them in my opinion. If you never get them back, its nobody's fault but your own. Forgiveness is fine but I'm not going out of my way to support the dude.

  42. Jay, I think what people were trying just to communicate is their shock/disappointment that SB is spending energy on Chris Brown. I think many of us frequent this board as it has been traditionally a "safe space" if you will, away from some other internet spaces focused on gossip and the usual suspects in music. SB has typically been foolishness free, and overwhelmingly focused on the positive in music. The board is clearly going through some changes, so its something folks will have to adjust to or move on from. But I dont think anyone was trying to throw shade at SB.

  43. He took MJs moment and used it as his own...thats was sad and foul
    The tribute he did was good but all he did was dance
    Was that all MJ was?
    I believe MJ would sing songs also....
    But Chris failed to do that
    It was def lacking
    The CB stans are here to rescue tho to say otherwise

  44. All I'm saying is, it's childish, it's old, and it's not SoulBounce's thing. But if SB decides that it is their thing, then oh well. Whatever.

  45. Someone remind me ... when did SB claim to be an impartial, news-orientated site? That's right, never!
    The ladies here give their OPINIONS, their VIEWS. Coming here to read their content does not pay their wages so as a reader you have zero say in what they should/should not post.
    Whether I agree or disagree with what they say is not the point. It's their blog, run by them, for them and the readers who appreciate a music blog that dosn't regurgitate the same old shit.
    If you don't like it fine ... don't stop by!!

  46. So here's my thing, why are people so hell bent on proving that he couldn't have possibly shown emotion. Now what do you get for "proving he faked it". What's your prize for being right? Proving a young man can't be redeemed and must be held down by his mistakes till he dies? It seems to me that people will believe ANYTHING as long as it ensures that Chris Brown is the root of all evil. Never mind the fact that somethings just don't make any sense, as long as it proves that he is a horrible person then it makes everyone happy. No thought or logic necessary. I don't understand why must it be such a big deal that he cried, what do you really want from him? He never made the tribute more about him than MJ, you guys did. Take it for what it is...

  47. I have to say Chris put it down, he did what he was good at doing, being an entertainer (like MJ RIP). The crying part was a little moist. Part of me wished he'd sing the song and be strong but hey how many of you have been in his position and have got the chance to perform in front of an audience who judged your actions a year ago. But fair play, he was thrown under the bus after the indication with RiRi and to be honest I'm glad he paid the price because as a man, let alone a role model he shouldn't have done what he done. I think he needs to man up and get one with his life and do what he is good at.

  48. Chris Brown's performance was absolutely terrible. He didn't do anything special because everyone knows he can dance. He dances in every video he puts out...including the ballads. BET could have picked anyone to replicate Michael Jackson's dancing. Usher, Ciara (dressed in men's clothing similar to her video "Like A Boy) or Beyonce (dressed in men's clothing). I remember when Jennifer Hudson performed at the NAACP Image Awards after the death of her mother, brother and nephew. She cried, but she sang through the tears. What happened to Jennifer Hudson was more tragic than Chris Brown's situation...and Jennifer had less time to heal when she did that performance. Open your ears people and stop making excuses for this child. He can't sing, he can't appreciate music as an art form and he's not mature. Let's stop talking about how talented he is because none of these girls would purchase his albums if he had the face of Jay-Z. I give credit where credit is due. When he stops making Disney Channel music and stops dancing around like a five year old trying to get his mother's attention, I'll give him props. Until then...get off this boy's nuts.