Janelle Monáe Gets B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco To Rap, Tip On Her ‘Tightrope’

I realized two things while watching Janelle Monáe's new video for the "Tightrope (Wondamix)": B.o.B is a cutie on duty and Janelle can do no wrong right about now. Oh yeah, Lupe Fiasco is in the video, too, but this joint is all about the aforementioned Southern sensations. B.o.B spits his bars to kick it off and Little Miss Monáe brings a dash of sass while posing, shimmying and rocking the mic oh so right. She even gets B.o.B and Lupe to do her dance and tip with her on the tightrope. In the same way that the remix is practically a brand new song, the video is a total 180 from the original but just as dope. 

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14 Responses

  1. I got to say this...................they could be the new Fugees:-) dope MC's and Janelle = pure hotness. I am officially in love with Janelle...............................

    Yeah...I said it.

  3. This video makes me insanely happy. But Janelle has that kind of affect on me.

  4. This is so great. Lupe Fiasco is brilliant, and how refreshing is Janelle Monåe??? Love how the heavy, rock guitar is kind of low in the mix, so you get the edgy feel without being bowled over a metal guitar riff. Thanks for posting!

  5. I love it! and stoneyisland, thats not a bad thought. hmm.

  6. I don't always agree with Stoney, but I kinda dig that concept of them being a new age Fugees.

  7. awww, this is reminiscent of the 90's...when a remix meant a different arrangement and video. like butta said, janelle can do no wrong right now!

  8. I like this soooo much better than than the original version of the song and video. Love it, in fact. *Muah* to my boy Lupe

  9. yea Lupe killed that verse too.

  10. I love this! I'll tip to the original or the remix. More Janelle always.

  11. That was more what I hoping for from the first video: black & white with a touch of retro. I LOVE it. Who would've thought a sailor's uniform could be fly, B.O.B.? Janelle keeps bringing it and I love her for it.

  12. B.o.B. hellooooo, sailor. what a cutie. and janelle...this chick is everything to me right now. LOVE THIS. so dope.

  13. This is sooooo good.
    Love her like a teenyboper!
    She's "The One"!

  14. Wow. That's so cuteeeee. They are all great, the video is great and Janelle can do no wrong rite now! lol