Prince’s ’20Ten’ Album Cover Looks Real Familiar

I should have known that Prince was up to something when he wore a tunic with a drawing of himself to the BET Awards. It wasn't a shameful act of narcissism that only he could pull off, but, instead, it was a shameless act of self-promotion that only he could pull off.  As it turns out, that much talked about blouse displayed the new album cover for 20Ten, his upcoming free release in Europe. Well played, Prince. Well played. Peep the cover in all of its colorful splendor and the album's tracklisting after the bounce.

Prince 20Ten tracklisting:

1. Compassion
2. Endlessly Beginning
3. Future Soul Song
4. Sticky Like Glue
5. Lavaux
6. Act Of God
7. Walk In Sand
8. Sea Of Everything
9. Everybody Loves Me
10. Untitled Bonus Track

And I bet that the back of the album cover will look something like this. Minus Patti LaBelle, of course:

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6 Responses

  1. Only Prince. Can't wait to get a copy of this new cd. Hint, Hint @Soul UK....

  2. YES. After years of over stuffed albums, wading through so-so cuts, Prince finally returns to the lean/mean track listing of yore. I own all his albums, so I will add this to my collection, hopefully he recovered some of his spark, which was present on "3121" anyway.-QH

  3. One thing I can say about his Royal Badness: no matter how bloated his albums can be, he always has one or two joints that make you go "What th---??" Can anyone say 'Black Sweat'? Why did he not release a 12-inch remix of that joint?!? The mind boggles....

  4. The album cover is interestingly unappealing. He looks like the Last White Airbender with nappy chest hair.
    Just saying.

  5. Prince is a Love Bender in Avatar: The Last Airbender terms.
    Can't wait for this.

  6. I'm listening to the album right now, and I have to say it's, in my mind, his best since 3121.
    Honestly though, I don't think the whole shirt thing is shameless in any way. He's advertising, but moreover he's dropping hints, one thing he does as much as make music. To me, everything Prince does is fun, half-serious, half-playful, but always with a good, though often misleading, intention in mind.