Seu Jorge Rocks ‘With You’ Two Ways

Brazilian musician Seu Jorge who also happens to be my future ex-husband--natch--has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. His take on David Bowie's hits is what most people stateside are familiar with from his role in The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, but it's his take on Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" that recently caught my attention. His latest release with the band Almaz, has yielded a version of this song that can be found below. It's not really my favorite, nor something I can withstand for more than 20 seconds. Not to worry, though. I do wish there was an cleaner audio version available of Seu's acoustic version of "Rock With You" that can be found after the bounce. If that were the case, it would fit perfectly in my Latin-inspired MJ playlist (see: Soul Cycle's "I Can't Help It") I'm quickly forming in my music library. 

After the bounce

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  1. Seu is one smooth brother! Ive been a fan of his for a while & he rarely disappoints.

  2. Whoa what the heck was that!?! No no and NO! Sorry but that was just painful . it would be one thing for him to sing that to the woman he loves in privacy, but another thing to record it! And certainly another thing to sit on stage singing it.... iCant

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    I'm a fan of his Tive Razão and São Gonça stuff. I also love his album with Ana Carolina. He's caught between genres in Brazil: Samba & MPB. He's self made and keeps it real. Nice post.

  4. This is awsome...It works in it's own way.

  5. That put a smile on my face. I love Seu!

  6. i wouldnt for one moment question that this 'Seu' is good at his native latin styled music, but this rendition was beyond an embarressment. im all for personalised cover versions, but artists need to play to their strengths and for this guy, slow vocals in English are clearly beyond his capacity. skip to 53 seconds and hear him butcher the long note on the word 'love'.

  7. This is NOPE! I like some of his other stuff though.

  8. It's a bit like your Uncle singing to himself while he fixes the car...