Silk Lets Out Their Inner ‘Freak’ & We’re Mildly Uncomfortable

The last time I saw Silk perform "Freak Me" was on an unseasonably cool New Orleans night at my alma mater, Xavier University, during our Spring Fest concert. They were--no lie--pouring drugstore-bought gallons of water on themselves and I was so uncomfortable that I died laughing. The same results occurred after viewing Silk perform on Mo'Nique's show the other night. Not only is one member conspicuously missing, but the prancing-around-like-a-tiger-in-heat method of commanding the audience is just a touch creeptastic. And what happens at 1:50? There are no words. I liked this song better anyway. Go ahead and press play like you know you already have.

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9 Responses

  1. LOL at "1:50"... I watched this on my DVR this morning and was stunned at how ridiculously unneccessary and yucky that gesture was. Was that necessary? And the other one humping the floor. That might have been tolerable when they were younger and dumber, but class it up.. dayum... Yall old enough to be somebody father!

  2. men past their prime smh

  3. They can still sing but the show WTH! . Come up with something new.

  4. WOW! lol that was sooo hilarious! ill Mami was dead on with the uncomfortable death by laughter. Im 24 & i know these cats are at least in their late 30's early 40's by now, to me, this looks like old cats tryin' way too hard to keep up with the new. Great laugh tho! Thanks for posting!

  5. That performance was sponsored by Doing Too Much.

  6. LOL @ Butta- The performance was not their best, but they can still blow!

  7. Dead at 1:01 and he didn't!!!!
    And 3:37 gave me a 'Boomerang' flashback....Bang BANG!!!!!!!
    Mo' was trying hard not to get caught laughing on camera.

  8. Blech!! I had to just turn that mess off.

  9. @ ill mami: I think I was there at that concert was MC NERO opening up for them? That was a loooooooooong time ago.