‘Slippin” Away With Quadron

Just last week Quadron dropped a remix to their single "Slippin'," and now they've brought us a video for the original tune. When you first start watching you may be fooled, like I was, into thinking that it's set in the '80s when you see VCR footage of Coco who's dressed like an extra from The Breakfast Club. But seeing Robin Hannibal on his iPhone moments later brings the video to present day. Throw in a weird Asian dude filming and salivating over Coco, the duo singing and dancing in a field of brightly colored flowers, a giant daffodil devouring Robin and Coco running for her life through the streets of Los Angeles, and you've got yourself a video. 

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3 Responses

  1. This video is way too dope. I really liked the unofficial video but this is really dope. Quadron are so freaking dope. They are in constant rotation on my iPhone.

  2. I'm glad I discovered their music. They are so refreshing.

  3. I love these guys and this video is great! Reminded me I havn't listened to the album in a while ... bout to press play.