Slum Village Moves ‘Faster’ Toward The End

The Slum Village story is soon coming to an end with the recent announcement that the group has broken up in advance of their last album, Villa Manifesto, hitting the streets on July 27th. It's unfortunate that it's come to this, but not that surprising. Until the remaining members Elzhi and T3 ride off on their separate ways into the sunset, they've left us with a video to the first single, "Faster," to rock to. Oddly enough, only T3 appears in the video as well as J Dilla's brother Illa J with a posthumous cameo from Baatin. The clip starts off with an arguing couple who you think are in a relationship with each other, but by the end you're not too sure who's zooming who. This is supposedly the first episode with more videos to come, but we'll see. Even if it isn't, Slum V is going out on a high note.

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2 Responses

  1. Again!? Lawd! I'm so mad at "who's zoomin who" lmao

  2. Who is singing the hook? I dig that guy's voice.