Solange Says Fro Changed How She Sings, Is Bored With R&B

Never the one to shy away from stating her opinion, Solange was pretty candid about her current musical tastes in an fashion interview for Refinery 29. After retreating to Cali to smoke herb, blow into beer bottles and play flower vases to find the inspiration to record tracks for her upcoming album, she's pretty radiant and causual. She's also fully embraced her indie sensibilities, stating that while she grew up on and loved '90s R&B like SWV and Aaliyah, today's iteration of the genre just isn't cutting it for her. I still dig her cover of the Dirty Projectors' "Stillness Is The Move" but that doesn't seem like enough genre-bending cache for her to be so smug about the fact that Chairlift's Caroline Polachek had to remind her of the goodness that is TLC's "Creep." We'll just have to wait and let the new music speak for itself. [H/T: R29]


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  1. I second that, Solange...

  2. Everytime this girl opens her mouth my eyes cannot help but roll. I think Lil Mo (yes I am quoting Lil' Mo) said it best,"anything for attention." Her strive for credibility is irritating. Further, if Jazmine Sullivan can write songs and sing without commenting on bad modern R&B, why can't Solange?

  3. I am bored with Solange.

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    well the public is bored with you Solange, even the neo soul audience rejected you. You aren't as edgy as you think

  5. I try to like Solange, but she tries really hard to be "above it all." How are you bored with R&B, but making songs that sound like old R&B? I hope she comes with something good with all this talking she is doing.

  6. In her quest to be seen as edgy and so different from Beyonce she is becoming kind of annoying. Just do you, sing/record the music you want to share with the world, and people may buy into your image (gimmick). I read the Refinery 29 article and she says at 5yrs old she wore a tutu over polka dot tights w/ an old scarf on her head. News flash, Solo most little girls at age 5 did that.

  7. There is something to be said for rediscovering songs you love through the perspective of someone else. That said, I too get the sense that she's trying a bit too hard. I thought Sol-Angel was, minus a song or two, a masterpiece of freewheeling soul. It worked because it wasn't as self-conscious as it sounds like this new album might be.
    I think it's easy to love/hate her because we love/hate her sister. But part of what creates artists like Solange and forces them to behave in this way is that we are so wedded to the way music is sold to us. Because the industry says Beyonce is "that chick" we all behave as if she's "that chick" even if we don't like her. She is the standard by which chicks like her are compared and the standard by which we define what "alterna-black" is. Solange falls into that trap, but she's no different than most of the record-buying public that behaves, despite all protestations to the contrary, like the only options are pop star and soul star for black artists.

  8. I find it so funny how many r&b acts like her feel the need to slag on r&b and tout their love for "indie" and "rock" acts. (incidentally, naming the same 3 bands over and over, how eclectic!). They're all trying so hard to be "different" when really, they are just the other side of the same dull coin.

  9. I'm confused. Why is almost everybody jumping on Solange? She was asked a question relating to R&B (not directly about the state of it but how some indie bands are inspiring R&B) and she ended up explaining her dislike of today's mainstream R&B. WHAT THE HELL is so annoying about that? How is she trying to hard to be "edgy" or "different." She's an artist that was asked about R&B, and she said things that are very true. I'm not seeing how its just her trying to "stand out" for the sake of "standing out." Anytime I talk about music, I always mention how wack mainstream R&B has become. And it's funny how what was wack 5 years ago isnt so wack now. That's how bad mainstream music has gotten. Its very dissappointing, and all of ya'll do the same thing so why are you jumping down her throat?

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    @ anon, her brother in law does the same thing mentioning all these indie rock groups for street cred and then runs and gets Rihanna for the latest collab. And who did he sign while at Def Jam. Its all talk to appeal to the hipsters. Quite sad, not to long ago black music was the edgy ones

  11. I gotta agree with J. i'm starting to roll my eyes at her even more than her sister, whch is a lot, might I add. I want to like her though, I really do, but there seems to be a concerted effort to be her sister's exact opposite. ANY contrived image is irritating to me, whether its pop, indie, soul whatever. Fake is fake, and Solange seems to be pushing the envelope on the fake tip.
    I like her songs though, hate her voice.

  12. here's an idea, if today's r&b is so bad, why dont yall make BETTER music?! damn bandwagon jumpers, indie music is not the best thing since sliced bread...

  13. Eddie, as far as Im concerned she is contributing to the same genre of music that she decries. She is not as "different" as she'd like to think, so it seems very much like she is throwing stones in a glass house.

  14. Solange is like that lil sister or cousin you had/have that tells you about everything cool they just discovered for the first time in order to fit in....
    It might irritate the hell out of you since those thins are basic things in your life but you cant act like youve never been in that same position.
    And I know every person was that way for some time in their lives

  15. WOW y are ya'll attacking her for speaking the truth? i don;t feel she's "trying" to be anything but herself and i agree 100% with what she has said... mainstream R&B today is extremely dull and boring for the most referehing it was to hear the new Jazmine sullivan song just to hear a good mainstream R& B song again.....and liek Solange i;ve found myself listening to much more indie rock just because its so much more interesting than what i'm getting from most R&B artist at the moment....

  16. Damn, I wish my hair grew that fast!

  17. @Bella: I'm sure Solange wishes the same. That's not her hair. It's a wig-or-weave. Pretty believable, though.

  18. Solange is contrived.I can't listen to her without thinking how hard she is trying to stand out.I know she wants to be different, but girl you know you trying way too hard.
    And that is not her real hair lol.Afro wig girl?Psh.I knew that "I want to make a statement with my short hair" wouldn't last long.
    Even though I agree R&B is blah right now, if you have something to say about it then Solange how about you do something?Criticizing won't help much and I'm pretty sure whatever you put out next will be boring as your last two albums.

  19. thank you.
    i read that article and my immediate ignorant reflex was to say "chile, who is you????" aloud. she needs to hurry up and get that chip off her shoulder. I know being beyonces less talented vocally little sister must suck by damn...
    and im giving that afro weave the prince to trey songz side eye.

  20. I've been had! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! She's run amok, ya'll!

  21. I don't know why but after reading all of the comments below, I feel like I'm looking forward to hearing her new music more than I ever was! lol