SoulBounce’s Top 50 Michael Jackson Songs: #38 ‘You Are Not Alone’

Everyday I sit and ask myself
How did love slip away


I've always subscribed to the theory that people put forth their best work when they're
going through a rough time. When artists put their raw emotions on disc, the results
are often beyond amazing. Such is the case of Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone."

in 1995, the song came out a time when both MJ and the songwriter, R. Kelly, were facing difficult times in their
personal lives. For Mike, it was on the heels of his first child molestation case, while
R. penned it after the loss of several people close to him. Say what you want
about Kelly, but the man can write and produce the hell out of a song. If you don't believe
me, just take a listen to thi song. The lyrics, which revolve around love and isolation,
express a vulnerability that had been missing from music in the '90s.

Jackson was just
as vulnerable in the video as well. Shown naked while cavorting with his then-wife Lisa Marie Presley, the video was the first time many would see the King of Pop in such
a way. While many questioned if either artist would be able to bounce back from the
scandals or troubles that plagued them, "You Are Not Alone" proved that with a little
heartfelt honesty, music fans would easily welcome them back with open arms, making
it first song in the history of Billboard's Hot 100 chart to debut at the #1 spot.

Michael Jackson: "You Are Not Alone"

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7 Responses

  1. This is my altime favprite slow song of MJ, but I love all his none

  2. The video almost ruined the song for me. Love this sounds so sad now that he's gone.
    R.Kelly can create some beautiful music.....SMH.

  3. vintage MJ...............................regardless of the ghostly pale video.

  4. love MJ! i like the song but i don't care for the video.

  5. Soulbounce, I got something to get off my chest. Two days ago I was talking to my cousin about Michael because I was telling her how I first realized that I could sing, which was when I was younger and used to sing Jackson 5 songs. So she starts talking about how Michael wasn't a great vocalist. She said that his tone wasn't all that good and that he sounded like a little kid (although she did say that his falsetto is the best she's ever heard). She said that he has the same voice that he had as a child when he grew up and that he had no power in his voice (horribly inaccurate). YES! I WAS JUST AS APPALLED THEN, AS YOU ARE RIGHT NOW! Mind you, this chick is a pretty good singer in her own right and has had vocal training and has studied singing. I played "Rock With You" and she said he sounds weird on that song and that when he sings full voice, it isn't strong. I swear I almost lost my mind. I mean I understand that just like any other singer that, most people will like your tone but some people won't. Tone is somewhat subjective. Either you like a singer's tone or you don't. And obviously to be a great vocalist, you have to have a tone that most people enjoy. That being said, even if she dosen't like Micahel's tone, she still can't deny that he's technically an extrodinary singer. His range, emotion, inflections, power, energy, creativity with runs, all point to that fact, even if you're not in love with his tone (which I find to be absolutely beautiful). He's definitely one of the best vocalists ever.....definitely Top 3.
    But anyway, that note where he sings, "You are always in my HEEEAAAR.....HAAAAAAAAAAA.....HAAAAARRRRTTT" (heart) insane! This has to be one of his top 10 best vocal performances.

  6. We all have our favorites but I'm finding this top 50 quite sobering. it's surprising how many of his songs I didn't, and don't, like. The last year has been all about reclaiming the man through the music, but I wonder if the image still disturbs? I sometimes find him hard to watch even now.

  7. This is one of MJ's most underrated songs. I think people were turned off by the scandal and the video. I LOVE this track though!
    He sings the mess outta this!


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