This Zaki Ibrahim Video Is ‘Money’

I see that questioning look on your face, wondering who is Zaki Ibrahim. Well, if you've been bouncing with us for any length of time, then you'd recognize her as one of our Bounce-Worthy artists who we profiled back in 2008. Since that time she's been doing her thing and riding out the success of her last release, Eclectica (Episodes in Purple). One of the biggest songs from that record was the King Britt remix to "Money," which has heated up many a dance floor in the past couple years. Although the song isn't new, this video is, which takes Ibrahim and a few dancers on a computer-generated journey all over the map with lots of international currency. It's good to see a video for this track, but it would be even better to hear some new music from Zaki. Here's to hoping that will happen soon. 

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