Tom Joyner Interviews MJ On The Set Of ‘Beat It,’ Stunnas Set To Thrill

Any interview during the escalating period of Michael Jackson's video releases from Thriller is a treat. Seeing a spry, track-suited Tom Joyner with a headful of hair throw some mildly invasive questions at the Thrillermaker on the cusp of making Thriller is sort of a treasure. Michael is pretty candid, revealing that at 24 he was just learning about friendship because people kind of scared him, among other things. This was all shot on the set of the "Beat It" music video and just a short time before he bestowed The Greatest Music Video Of All Time upon us. His aviator game was not to be reckoned with. Nor his talent. [H/T: TVO]

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3 Responses

  1. That brotha was a true STAR!!

  2. watching that made me sad. I teared up a little bit.

  3. Gotta love Tom Joyner's early 80's Kool and the Gang--no, no Maurice White mini-fro. Mike..too cool for words.