‘What’s Up’ With Dondria?

Well, Dondria looks a little different in her new video for the single "Shawty What's Up." Bless her heart for buying some new hair and also for attempting to get some dance lessons as this clip opens because from the looks of her moves in the rest of the video, she needs them. For a song with some bounce to it, I expected Dondria to pop, lock and drop it, but she apparently went to the Whitney Houston School of Dance. Nonetheless, this video is a bright, colorful affair. My favorite part was Johnta Austin's segment, whose album is coming out the 32nd of Neverember right after Detox. I'm still trying to figure out rapper Diamond's appeal, but she's on this track and present in the video, too. I wanted to like this, but something is missing. Maybe I'll find it--or not--when Dondria vs. Phatfffat drops on August 17th. 

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2 Responses

  1. The song is catchy, but Imy first thought was that neither singer was designed to be pop/RnB singers, too much substance to the voices, which is a rarity these days. Then I saw Jermaine Dupree in the video and immediately understood the deal. Hopefully Dondria's album is filled with lyrics that match the strength of her vocals.

  2. Someone needs to call for a moratorium on rhyming "models" and "bottles." LOL. This girl can sing but her voice isn't unique. I wish these young singers would find their own sounds instead of becoming alternate versions of Beyonce. She's young so maybe she'll come into her own over time.