Atjazz Makes Maddslinky & Omar Feel That Much More ‘Special’

When I got wind of the collaboration between beatsmith Maddslinky and singer Omar this past spring on the song "Special," I almost bit my nails to nubs waiting to hear the track in its entirety based on the tantalizing snippet. Then the song's video dropped earlier this summer and I finally got to get my groove on, but I couldn't add that to my iPod. Now with fall quickly approaching, "Special" will finally be released as a single on September 13th in advance of Maddslinky's album, Make A Change, dropping on October 25th. Not only will I be able to add the original track to my playlist, but there'll be a handful of kick-ass remixes to keep the party going. Toddla TAtjazzMJ Cole, Simbad and Chimpo and have all contributed remixes to the project covering everything from soulful house to dubstep territory. Being a music blogger has its privileges because I've already gotten my hands on "Special" and its various mixes, and one of my favorites--I'm honestly pretty fond of them all--is Atjazz's take on the song. He transforms the song into a soulful house groove well-suited for working up a sweat on the dance floor. Check it out below and don't forget to keep an eye out for "Special" to be released in a few weeks. 

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3 Responses

  1. me moving this morning...!

  2. Why isn't this brother more popular in the US? How is it that we give folks like Soulja boy the time of day and pass over talent like this?
    This reminds me of the early days of NYC (you know, when radio was good?) and this sounds like something that would get play on Friday or Saturday nights when they would do their house music mixes.
    I know I just dated myself, but I yearn for those days!