Behind The Music Of ‘Airtight’s Revenge’ With Bilal

When he sat down to interview Bilal, music journo Maurice Garland realized that a lot of the other interviews that he'd come across of the singer while he's been on his Airtight's Revenge promo tour have been a shade repetitive. We're not complaining, because, as we've said before, the more Bilal, the better. But Garland does have a point. So when it was his turn, he took a different approach and decided to delve deeper into Revenge, asking Bilal questions about specific songs and getting more insight into his creative process. As an added bonus, there are clips of the songs playing in the background to give you a little taste of what else you'll be hearing when Airtight's Revenge drops on September 14th, which is thankfully now only three weeks away.

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  1. this is exactly why i love bilal. the best!!!! cant wait for the album