Bilal Is A Soul Survivor

I noted last week that Bilal is on an online media blitz in advance of the release of Airtight's Revenge, and I'm not the least bit mad. The more Bilal, the better, if you ask me. He's been a mystery wrapped in an enigma all these years, so it's good to finally hear the man's story in his own words. Good thing that D-Nice--the multi-hyphenate renaissance man and curator of culture that he is--felt the same way. Following in the successful footsteps of his True Hip-Hop Stories interview series, this is the first in his Soul Survivor series focusing his lens on soul music artists who have something to say but often go unheard. Bilal is the inaugural subject to get the Soul Survivor treatment, and although there's a little overlap with previous interviews, he does give more insight into what happened with Love For Sale's unfortunate demise and the new direction he's taken in his songwriting and sound with Revenge. As always, Bilal keeps it all the way real.

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  1. Yay! I am so excited to hear what this brother has in store for us.

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    Love that D-Nice chose B as the first subject in this series. He is such a fascinating person. And the piece is so well done.
    I love it when B talks about his influences. Cats I've never heard of. Can't wait until people hear the album. I think it's going to definitely be the center of musical conversation for a minute.


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