Cali Swag District Jacks Michael Jackson

The only thing I know about Cali Swag District is that they are much younger than me, and they made a song that I am only marginally familiar with, "Teach Me How To Dougie." (Sidebar: Is this song about Doug E. Fresh doing the dance in this video?) Anyway, my only reason for posting this song is that it's the Summer of Michael Jackson on SoulBounce and they sampled his "I Wanna Be Where You Are" for their song called...wait for it..."Where You Are." Short of adding some drums and adding some ho-hum lyrics on top of a track we all know and love, the song is damn near what you would hear playing in your head if you're within earshot of the original. This sample does beg this question: Is this any different than the shameless sampling used by MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This" or nearly all of Mary J. Blige's My Life album? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. [H/T: TMZ]

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  1. Ive been pretty conflicted about this because a lot of people are copyin and pasting samples nowadays in both hip hop and R&B as you've mentioned. While it offers young people exposure to classics (if done tastefully) it often makes me question the artistry of some producers and beat makers who don't put in the work to really flip the sample in an ill way.

  2. you guys may disagree but i'd rather them leave this classic sample in tact then butcher it to death with extraneous beats that don't belong detract from mike and even their mediocre verses. Personally I think it sounds more like a rap remix of the classic wanna be where you are than it does a legitimate sample which is perfectly fine with me.
    too many times classic songs get jacked with the artists permission for a horrible sample that make me say WTF see: Plies bust it baby using Come Back to Me by Janet.
    All this proves is that many new artists don't think outside the box and much rather reinvent the wheel.

  3. I appreciated the My Life album to the fullest. It came at a time when I needed some direction in music and fueled my desire to dig deeper into music for what it contains. I was introduced to Curtis Mayfield thanks to My Life...and for that I am thankful.
    It is one thing to remake a classic and do it right and a whole different thing to mask a rip off with "sampling". Sampling is showing that you learned something, it's evidence of schooling in the world of music. We know that not all producers and artists have learned a thing from listening to the played out music on the radio.
    It's art when e.Badu samples. Madlib gives you stuff that is only available on a record that your grandma might have or that you would find in a thrift shop and not even give the time of day. That's paying homage and I appreciate that and strive to learn from that.
    We need to decide what we want and wants good enough for further our time on this earth and come out better people. The radio wouldn't play it if they didn't think they'd get paid...indirectly out of our pockets.
    We have the power.

  4. It's sample and they got permission to use this so i don't see the beig deal, i kinda like it given that i love the original.

  5. Sampling has always been a hard subject because there is so much of it. In this case i do agree that this sounds like a remix of the original song. I don't listen the the radio except for the Tom Joyner morning show, and that's when i can catch it. I stopped listening to it years ago because of lack of good music and the reDUMdacy . Any who if someone can make a beat and flip it to make it fit or sound like another song , that's a gift. If you get your point across by using a older song or sample, thats great, but when you jack a sample and just put some drums to it and boring lyrics, that is just a shame. Mary J's MY Life is a classic work of art because it was sampled all the way through but it was different for the time, it was when Puffy was just starting out and delving into Sampling and making great music. Now if someone comes with a nice smooth beat on a r&b song ( like Ms Badu on Didn't you Know) or a rap song( ie Rick Ross Super High) its sounds different and is creative.

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    it sounds like a remix to me and that`s exactly what they should treat it as. i mean Mjs voice is all over that and his part is the only part that stands out. well to me anyway

  7. This barely qualifies as a sample, they basically "rapped" over the instrumental. The only reason I can tolerate it is because it is not as ignorant as 99% of the music out there.


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