Darien Brockington Makes The Sexy ‘Rain’ Down

Where there's thunder, there's lightening, and where there's Darien Brockington's "Rain," you better believe someone is going to get wet--and not from precipitation. Too much? Well, maybe you haven't seen the video yet, which premiered online earlier today and is posted below for your viewing pleasure. Anyone who has seen DBrock perform live as part of The Foreign Exchange or solo knows that he radiates pure sex appeal on stage. This video, expertly directed by Muta'Ali, captures all that sexy and raises the bar by adding a love interest into the mix and catching them in a few compromising positions. Taken from his last release, The Cold Case Files, "Rain" is as sensuous as its accompanying visuals and a very necessary addition to your slow jams playlist.

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8 Responses

  1. What a lovely write up, Butta!! HOT words for a HOT video! lol (ok, I admit that was a lil corny! lol) 😉

  2. hey lady, hopefully all is well. finding myself visiting your site daily. i am confused...i have darien's "the cold case files" and this joint is not on there.

  3. @musiqlova Hi there! Thanks for the visits! Means a lot! If you have The Cold Case Files version from Dec, Rain is not on it. CCF was recently re-released w/ 2 new tracks & interludes on iTunes, Amazon. Hard copies are also now available at 😉

  4. DB is the truth....................

  5. I adore D Brock and his music... "More and More". Very sexy song and video. love all the visuals. @ Lady Vee thanks for the explanation, I purchase CCF in Dec, I knew this track didn't sound familiar.

  6. @ lady vee thank you for the clarification. gotta support the artist to keep the good music coming, so off to itunes i go.
    @ javahcookie you and i are in the same boat.
    btw...visiting the site one mo gin! btw2...congrats to the entire crew on the bwa award. the reason for the award should be clear to all who visit; it is to me.

  7. Confession: I was feeling rather lukewarm about the song until the series of key-changes. That was some Marvin Gaye-type ish! Hot.

  8. i love your sites design, did you design it by yourself? or where did you get it from? thanks in advance. // Gabriel Lindgren from Sweden


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