Don’t Worry About Faith, She’s ‘Gone Already’

I'm just going to go out on a limb and say it: I don't like Faith's official first single "Gone Already" from Something About Faith due October 5th. This makes me angry since, as self-professed Faith stan numero uno, I know she comes so much harder than this. I'm not saying that she sounds terrible, but I just am not feeling this track as much as I did this one. I guess I wanted to hear Faith come out in a blaze of glory, like she did with "Love Like This" or "I Love You." At best, this song sounds as though it should have made the album cut, but isn't necessarily first single material. I'm also not entirely feeling this photo of her either, but again, I love Faith like a family member so I'm just telling it like it is. I know she's got more in store--fingers crossed--so I'll just wait patiently until that time comes. 

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  1. I agree about that photo not being the best.... It doesnt really capture the essence of Faith. She is beatiful but this photo does nothing for her. Scary to think, if this was the best one, what did the rest of the pictures look like? Re-shoot.

  2. Fay must want her album to go double wood because this is not a lead single..........................she better keep puffy on speed dial because this album is probably gonna make or break her

  3. I actually like this song. When I first heard "Again," which I thought was a poor choice as the lead single from The First Lady, it did not grab me at all, but it eventually grew on me. It's all about Faith's voice to me, and she sounds great here as usual. Out of the 3 new songs I've heard from her, though, it is my least favorite but it's still a good song IMO. I'm just wondering what happened to all of those certified BANGERS that Chucky Thompson played for me in his studio last year. Now THAT was some heat. Hopefully those songs show up on this new album because they were that good.
    Now...that picture. I agree that it is not flattering at all.

  4. Agreed on the pic... Looks like she wasnt ready when they snapped the pic.
    The song... Its not bad... Just aint great. And the drum pattern is annoyingly similar to everything else Stargate puts out. Love her voice, glad she's back, need to come harder tho. Actually prefer that Snoop song to this one... and I didnt think that one was so great either. Re: Puffy,I know her and Puffy had magic back then, but I dont think she needs to go back to him. Remember the big thing everyone made of MJB getting back with him for that reunion album, and that one was anticlimactic.

  5. i'm so disappointed. i love her voice, always have. i've just never been THAT big of a fan. but i always expect heat from her, even if i don't like it. this is like warm tap water.

  6. This song sounds like every other contemporary joint that is out. I love some Faith but i have no faith in this song.

  7. 🙁 This song is weak...Faith is capable of SO much better! Not feeling the pic either. I still have "faith" that the album will have better material than this. I already liked her other song that was posted here.

  8. The song? So-so. It could grow on me, but it's rather generic. I do miss Golden-Age-Bad-Boy Faith Evans. The picture? Horrible. She looks like a aged star trying to reclaim former glory. While it may be the case, it shouldn't be so apparent.

  9. Well, let me first say that I am a huge Faith fan, I've been a fan since her first album (which was her best album, imo, followed by a great second album). While Gone Already is not a "classic Faith" song, and it is probably not (well, hopefully not) the best song on her new album, it's definitely a radio-friendly, cross-over friendly record, which is what she needs to start out with if she wants this record to be successful in terms of record sales. Unfortunately, the kind of songs we consider to be "classic Faith", the more soulful r&b songs, aren't selling. An r&b artist is better off going the pop/R&B or watered-down r&b route if they want to sell a lot of records. Hopefully, even if Faith releases singles that are more pop/R&B, there will be at least one or two classic Faith joints on her new album to keep us satisfied lol.

  10. I live for this song. I have missed Faith badly and in 2010 seems like the year of the 90"s women coming back reclaiming the throne of "REAL SINGERS". I don't really like the picture all that muhc, however right now I am only caring and looking for voice and in this song she gave me just enough to have me wondering what is that Something About Faith.

  11. I love Faith but I am sure they could have chosen a better picture than that