Is Nicki Minaj Ushering In A New Age Of Women In Hip Hop?

So, the Associated Press released a short video clip trying to explain Nicki Minaj's relevance to people who turn to the AP for trends in hip hop. After a montage of women who rap compiled in 2003 including Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot and Foxy Brown, AP music editor Nekesa Moody proposes that her popularity is because "we haven't had [...] a strong female voice in hip hop for so long." And, apparently, Minaj is the answer. To add a touch of femcee cred they use a clip of Queen Latifah responding to Nas' claim that hip hop is dead, saying that it was due to the lack of female MCs. It's unclear if she was actually talking about Minaj but hey, it's Latifah! That sure put me at ease, AP. I was worried the likes of Invincible, Jean Grae and Josie Stingray were on to something...

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9 Responses

  1. I really wish they would stop trying to make this trick happen.

  2. Nikki couldnt carry Lauryn's tampon holder much less a mic.................

  3. I'm all for hearing different voices in hip hop but....where in the ____ is the quality in the craft??!?!?!?!?? Oh could I forget that its about selling an image that's palatable to the public regardless of whether or not your material lacks depth...Maybe I'm too old, having long passed the teen demographic that the radio formats pander to...

  4. I'm just appalled she had the gall to sample Annie Lennox's version of "No More I Love You's" for her crap new single. Is nothing sacred anymore?-QH

  5. Umm.. lemme say this. I'm not a huge Nicki Minaj fan. She's cool to me I guess. But I think you guys are missing the point. AP is correct in that there hasn't been a raptress on the top of the charts in a long time. It's not saying that Nicki is taking Lauryn Hill's or any of the other female emcee's place. In fact, they emphasized how her style is very diff't from her predecessor's.
    While we may not necessarily agree with her subject matter, you have to admit that she resonates with a younger crowd that interprets her persona as empowering. In that regard, I think women in particular are being over critical of her. I agree that her current material lacks depth, but so does her male counterparts'. At any rate, it seems that her draw is her playful style and her willingness to put on zany characters. In my opinion that's a refreshing change from the bravado that has been dominating hip hop for a while and is reminiscent of Missy Elliot in some ways.
    I don't know, I guess I'm saying be open and don't impose you biases on particular artists. Everyone can and MUST express themselves in different ways. There is a place for her (re-acclimating hip hop to femcees), just like there is a place for underground "lady rap singers.

  6. I just like her wigs....
    As far as reviving hip hop on the fem front......
    no no mami.
    But hey, music changes, it's hard to get back what was once loved.

  7. "Ang" You are on point with this one.
    While I have little taste for any verse she has ever delivered, I can't drink or pour the endless amount of HatorAde.
    It's like a foot race. The runners with natural ability and good technique run sub par heats. They don't look over their shoulders to see the ones with no formal technique sprinting past them.
    I'm disappointed that I haven't heard any girls ( Yes... I said "girls') On any Mix tapes. They may be out there but I haven't heard them. The reason I say "girls" is because this "so-called Rap game" needs kids to infuence kids. We extole the poweress of icons at the top of their game ( usually in their early 20s ? --debate!!!) But how many were recognized by the promise of their potential early in life?
    Kids infuence kids. And in the "rap game", sad to say, immature adults influence kids also. So no surprise that chocolate Barbie is striking a nerve in kids and horny males. Who else is running?

  8. word is Josie Stingray got some new shit dropping quite quite soon.
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